Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Inspired by Efren

I think Efren Penaflorida, the Filipino pushcart educator, named as CNN Hero of the year is really inspiring. His efforts to bring education to the poorest of children is worth the honor.

Now, I asky myself, how do I make a difference, lexuality style?

Here's my concept. I will build an informal training school for unemployed young men. Under my supervision, I will create a curriculum to teach these young men how to make Filipino gay men happy -- good massage, carry a decent conversation, be courteous and provide unforgettable bedroom service!

The school will also teach them proper grooming and train them with with physical fitness.

Such project will definitely generate income for these young men enough to get them out of the institutionalized system of poverty.

I just hope CNN will take notice of these efforts when I begin this project! Hehehe!


line of flight said...

"The school will also teach them proper grooming and train them with with physical fitness."

yoga guru?

Herbs D. said...


david said...

and what items will you carry in your pushcart? :-)

on a more serious note, efren peƱaflorida is an amazing person. i have no idea what his religious affiliation is or if he even has one. however, i think that this fine young man's actions epitomizes "good christian" behavior.

the gay bashers that you have posted from your gay pride celebration should take note of what it really means to make a worthwhile contribution to one's community and to their country.

Anonymous said...

di lang cnn, pati nobel peace prize will give their 1st lifetime achivement award to you... lol!

Anonymous said...

LAUGHTER B4 CHRISTMAS! an institutionalized 1+1=3 blog like Lexuality, an infusion of laughter material is always welcome. glad to hear you are having fun Lex.

BTW, is Efren gay. what's the water-cooler rumour?...(silly moi, just asking).

Anonymous said...

Most filipino gay men are educated and have manners and know the best things in life. Your idea sounds ridiculous but it still is a good idea. You just forgot to mention that you will teach them HOW TO PRACTICE SAFE SEX, that using condom is a MUST! The Philippines was noted by WHO as having a rapid increase in AIDS infection in the world today, 64 filipinos are getting infected every day mostly age bracket 18-24. The reason is unprotected sex, because the church was very much against the use of condom and use of it is not under the agenda of the government afraid to antagonize the the hypocrite catholic church. But that's another story.

Anonymous said...


That would be wonderful idea..hehe. BTW, I just saw you this evening when you were approaching ATM machine at the back of Megamall. You're wearing collar shirt and shorts with shoulder bag. I was about to approach however I felt shy..I'm one of your avid reader of this blogsite whenever i'm in the office..thanks..allain.c",)