Thursday, December 31, 2009

Of Gay Men and Generosity

Here's a Christmas sharing from Manuel, a Lexuality reader:

Hi Lex!

I'm very much impressed with your yuletide tasks with the singaporean. It reminds me of what i did. I think if it not with you, lex, no spirit of the season will occur. It's a fulfillment.

I am an educator, living alone, my family resides abroad. I have less than twenty lovers, or bf's, or whatever they call it.

Everyone's important to me. And during this Xmas, pinili ko ang pinakamahirap, five in all. Namalengke kami ng pang noche buena nila, amounting to 500.00 each. Pansit, spaghetti, loaf of bread, chicken wings and evrything that completes the menu. Napakasimple, pero yon pala ay napakahalaga na sa kanila. Proper scheduling ang ginawa. Pagod. pero napasaya ko sila.

Lex yon pala ang Christmas, its not the material things, but the feeling of ewan ko ba. Napakasaya.



Hi Manuel,

Thank you for sharing. Mabuhay ka and all the other generous gay men out there. Happy New Year to you!


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