Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My HIV Status

Last week , a free HIV test was organized outside of Malate's Bed Bar. The test was surpringly short and quick, a pin prick on one of your fingers and after 15 minutes, you'd know if you're negative. However, if you're positive, the medical attendants will ask you to visit their office for further confirmation.

Ever since, I had my first HIV test two years ago, I have been very anal ("anal" in a Freudian sense) with safe sex (pun intended).

And I was glad to know that I was still HIV negative.

Today, December 1 is World AIDS Day.


Anonymous said...

Lex, you said, "I was HIV negative". If you WERE negative then, does that make you positive NOW? perhhpas you actually wanted to say "I AM HIV negative...

Mark Joefer said...

Lex..can you email me where to find their office? I did not know that they have this test last 1st of December.



Anonymous said...

"I was HIV negative." is grammatically correct. He was tested and was negative.