Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Sleazy Adventure

Lexuality reader and my dear friend from Singapore, Mr. D is back in Manila to treat himself to the Filipino Hunk's "warmth and hospitality".

Strip bars (gay bars) and trysts with rent boys are definitely on his holiday plans. But yesterday, I brought him to a place that a typical Singaporean could never imagine -- a dirty, third run cinema full of rent boys and gay sex!

Armed with bottles of water, disinfectant, a roll of tissue and a towel, we both went to one of the rougher sides of Manila, the Recto area and visited one of its old cinema houses. For a Php60 ticket each, we were welcomed to a dark, hot and smoke-filled cinema where boys roam around in search for quick sex.

Mr. D met a rent boy he fancied. "Services" inside ranged around Php200. They found a seat and started their business deal. But Mr. D got uncomfortable with on-lookers so he decided to take the rent boy out. Off to Sogo motel and the rates went up to Php500. My foreign friend was so impressed with the nearby Sogo motel, that he even joked he can stay here in his next visit to Manila instead of paying for his pricey Hyatt suite.

We ended our day with Mr. D treating a few service boys to a warm dinner, a very nice way to celebrate this Christmas season.

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lionman1988 said...

Sounds like a great way to spend Christmas. :) Ive been to alta in cubao but haven't tried any in the mania/recto area as its too far for me. Any more details/tips/suggestions? I wanna try it out.