Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dropped Underwear

A while ago, a delectable, hunky "moreno" guy got inside a shower cubicle at the gym. His cubicle was right in front of the dry sauna where I was quietly seated. Deep inside of me, I was praying for this hunk to just open the door and show his glorious nakedness to me.

But of course, it never happened.

The hunk opened the door covered in towel as he exits the cubicle, I noticed he dropped something. I went out of the sauna and I realized he dropped his white bikini underwear.

My heart started to pound.Do i pick this up and keep it to myself and savor all his remnants just like Antonio (the character in Ang Lihim ni Antonio)? Do I pick it up and give it to him? But that might embarrass him.

After considering some very naughty options, I decided to keep it "straight". I ran after him and said. "Hey, I think you dropped something". He went back to the cubicle and gave me a nice, warm smile.

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Anonymous said...

this is very real lex, mga ganitong eksena does happen. kaloka ang ganyang situation you can only wish you can either be taken home or the the other way around.