Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Beauty Salon entrepreneur and gay icon Ricky Reyes, whom many people fondly call as "mother" was named by Forbes magazine as one of Asia's "Heroes of Philanthropy" for his bed and breakfast facility for indigenous children with cancer and for her soup kitchen for the victims of "Ondoy".

I had the opportunity to work with mother Ricky and I must say that I have personally witnessed his genuine concern for the poor and destitute. His charitable works and his entrepreneurial skills contniue to be a positive contribution to the public image of gay men which we must all be thankful for whether you are "parlorista" (loud and effeminate) or "discreet" (masculine).


Anonymous said...

TRANNIE MONEY...i would hoot louder if the dough came from a "discreet" (your word Lex) gay man.
gudnuf Mother, but you are still a trannie...

Anonymous said...

ganun? bakit mo nilalait ang mga discreet na hindi kumekembot gaya mo Lex?