Monday, March 29, 2010

That Gay Church

Baclaran church is one of the iconic religious places in Metro Manila. Interestingly, it's first two syllables correspond to the word "Bakla" (gay man). Despite of my being an atheist, for over a year, I became a "devotee" of the church thanks to my former partner whose idea of a date begins with a Baclaran novena.

What's interesting in this church is that a good number of its devotees are gay men. During its most important day of the week, Wednesay, where all devotees flock to the church, one would notice a significant number of transgenders praying beside their boyfriends, groups of gay men quietly reading their novena booklets and even public sex cruisers hanging around at the rest room of the church.

I have always wondered, what's with Baclaran that it has gained a following among members of the gay community?

P.S. Enjoy your holy week holidays!


annamarie said...

maybe it's the church availability. it operates 24 hours. lol

Anonymous said...

i lived around that area for couple of years and yes baclaran church is gay friendly and so many gay "cruising" happening within its compound. eye contact suffice and you do the talking outside. i can attest to the novena that it works, it does work if you are sincere about it and don't miss a week. for me it worked couple of times (my petition) i can't say it will work to others as well. the reason why there are many gay men going there to pray is simply because they believe it does not discriminate who you are, rich, poor, celebrity, nobody, gay, straight are welcome. you are not judged when you are praying there and the fact the it's open all the time now the gay men who does more of their stuffs at night can find solace under its roof and feel good afterward.

Anonymous said...

LYDIA'S LECHON...after mass Momma would take us to that yummy resto along Roxas catering old-traditional Pinoy food. it was our Sunday treat. until such time i get into Annabil Rama's lechon Cebu gift list (move over Alfie) i would go back again and again to Lydia's. in fact it was only last month that i was there. this time part of my balikbayan treat.

Anonymous said...

I have one good reason. It is because of the Blessed Mother. Whatever it is, we know, believe and feel that she can understand and accept us. Just like our own mothers. I do pray to her because I know she will always give me her mother's love. It is a great consolation amidst society's treatment of us.