Monday, March 22, 2010

Jeff's Day

Happy Birthday to bold and daring actor Jeff Luna (Chub Chaser, Libido). Thanks for visiting my blog.
And I'm sorry I can't come to your party. It is very unfortunate that I don't get the chance to meet your neighborhood barkada, who according to you are also good looking.
Jeff Luna plays the role of Brando in our film, "Pulupot" which will run starting April 28.

Enjoy your party!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Lestat said...



Happy Birthday! ^___^

mark anthony said...

How I wish I could meet you, Jeff Luna in person... I am charmed by watching your performance/appearance in Chub Chaser and other Indie Films you appeared in.. I hope you could fulfill that wish... More powers and best wishes to your future career in showbizlandia.

mark anthony said...

How I wish I could have the chance to meet Jeff Luna in person. I got charmed by his presence and performance in Chub Chaser and the other Indie Films he appeared also.