Sunday, August 10, 2008

Proud Hunk: Badong

In 2003, Badong came to Manila from his hometown in Bacolod with Php300 in his pocket and a lot of courage and spirit. The only people who would welcome him in the city, are some guys he just met from the IRC chat.

After five years, working in a call center and doing voice over jobs in different corporate events, he now rents his own two bedroom unit in California Garden Square near Ortigas center.

Badong keeps himself fit by rowing early in the morning at the Manila Bay. He even travels to compete in this favorite sport of his. He does triathlon as as well and trains himself at the ULTRA every weekends.

A certified bottom guy, Badong loves to please his partner all the way in bed. And when he's free, he also accepts clients for massage services.

And being a very friendly guy, he has even mobilized all his gay neighbors (all members of the gay social website guys4men) into a small organization meeting every weekend for fun and leisure (I'm just wondering how fun this could get!)

I find swarthy guys really attractive. And I must say Badong is one hot and proud hunk! You can visit his blog at

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