Friday, August 22, 2008

M2M Shower Scene

(Mcmiel Dennison)

(Ethan Zulueta)

Several years ago, I was asked by Viva to come up with a concept for a sex instructional video for Asia Agacoili. And one of Viva's big bosses, Vincent Del Rosario suggested the "Sex Guru" title.

Being an advocate of gay sex in media, I immediately found the opportunity to insert gay sex in this video.

Viva Hot Men Mcmiel Dennison and then a new member, Ethan Zulueta were chosen to do the gay scene. The video's director, Rico Gutierrez being a straight guy asked me to be the floor director for this gay sex scene as he felt Ill be more comfortable guiding the actors.

I coulc barely remember anything as it happened almost half a decade ago. But if there is one thing that I could assure everyone, Mcmiel's package was a gift from the heavens!(hehehe!)

Anyway, the video sold like a hotcake. But from the feedback from many people (especially the straight ones), they were disturbed by the gay sex scenes woven all thorughout the material.

So, in the next installment of the Sex Guru, the M2M gay sex was deleted.

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Chulo said...

Lex, hot nga yang scene na yan, medyo kita yung yagbols ni ethan dyan, tell us please, tinelegan ba silang pareho sa scene na yan which we did not see?

Anonymous said...

Papost naman nung scene please. Thanks