Thursday, August 21, 2008

Climax 2

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A few days ago, I bought my copy of Climax 2 because it features three men I have worked with my last three films - the sex god Josh Ivan Morales, the conservative hunk Gabz Del Rosario and the lost Harry Laurel (this could be the last Harry Laurel memorabilia)

I bought my copy from CV magazines, owned by the ever friendly Mr. Conrad at the ground floor of Landmark in Makati. Upon seeing me, Conrad immediately told me about how happy he is with the sales of this Climax magazine. And he even compared it to the special edition magazine of Cruise (which, I was a part of). He told me "Ganyan, paggagawa ng magazine, yung may makikita" (That's how one should make a gay magazine. It has to reveal the model's manhood!) He compared it to our Cruise. And I just told him, the owner of Climax (Danio Caw) has a lot of money! And the models just can't turn down his budget.

I assure you. Climax 2 is worth the Php380. It's a well photographed collector's item. It was so good, that I wasn't even able to bring it home. It was stolen from me by my boyfriend!

Congratulations to Danio Caw, the man behind Climax 2. Go get your copy!


Chulo said...

Mr. Caw will be filthy rich because he has pioneered something that has never been done before in the country just like Lex Bonife's movies. Show us the meat and we'll give you the dough!!

Anonymous said...

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