Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crazy, Sexy Video Shoot

In early 2007, we produced a sexy special interest video targeted for the gay audience. And it was one of those rare instances where we actually chose gay men for our talents for the project.

In the Philippines, it is usual practice that we only hire the "straight" men or those vehemently pretending to be "straight" as models. Otherwise, it could be a turn off for the gay market.

Our director, Monti Parungao, scouted several very attractive and openly gay men in Palawan bar in Cubao for talents who would be doing sexy scenes for the video. And needless to say, they performed naturally quite well as they romanced each other in front of the camera.

And our shoot was so hot! It was the first and only time that I actually flirted with a talent or a performer in my entire showbiz work. And I did not just flirt with one talent, I flirted with all of the hunky gay talents. The location of the shoot, was the bath house called "The Mansion" in Pasay City. And in between takes, while inside the dark alleys and rooms of "The Mansion", I would lock lips and "pet" with them quickly. And even while I'm giving instructions, they would just insert their fingers in my buttocks and I'll simply squeeze their crotches in return. What a job I had!

Looking back, that was the sexiest and craziest video shoot I ever had in my whole life. And I don't think it could ever happen again!

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