Thursday, August 14, 2008

My "Ago-go Dancer" Dream

Wayback in the 80's, female strippers were popularly called "Ago-go dancer". They were clad in bikinis, tits bouncing, hips gyrating nonchalantly and faces oblivious to the drunk and horny crowd of men watching her.

When I was young watching some ago-go dancers in films and TV, I remember to be in awe of them. Not because I was sexually attracted to them. But I was drawn to the to the softness of their movements, the rhythm of their body fat, their shining and outrageous outfit and the flexibility of their almost naked bodies.

I knew then that I wanted to become an Ago-go dancer. But the tragedy of it all, I was born with testicles and physiologically, I could never be one. (unless, I'll be willing to go under the knife, but that will never happen)

Looking back, this secret dream of mine could have led me to become a yoga teacher. Teaching yoga allow me to display flexibility and grace, sometimes gyrate to the rhythm of my exotic music. And more importantly, wear the shortest shorts possible without my testicles showing off as I spread my legs wide.

And I'm just happy that as a yoga teacher, I can still consider myself as a second class ago-go dancer -- another childhood that just came true.

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