Sunday, August 24, 2008

Your Penis Shall Reveal the Truth!

Whoever said that those straight men who are prejudiced against gay men are themselves secretly harboring gay feelings? They are technically correct as supported by a scientific study.

This interesting study about gay bashers was quickly mentioned in the book that I am currently reading “Phantoms of the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind”, a brilliant book on experiments on neurology by V.S. Ramachandran.

In this study, the “straight gay bashers” and the “straight men who didn’t have problems with gay men” were asked to watch a “Man to Man” Pornography. And the result? The gay bashers significantly have bigger erections than the straight men who are not prejudiced.

If you’re curious how erections were measured, they used a device called penile plethysmograph, which measures changes in the circumference of the penis.

I’m thinking, what could this study actually imply?

First, since penile erection could both be a conscious or unconscious effort, it is possible that the formation of prejudice against gay men could simply be an unconscious effort -- meaning even before the “gay feelings” among “gay bashers” could be acknowledged, these “gay feelings” could have been repressed at an unconscious level therefore, their prejudice isn’t something that they have created with full awareness.

Two gay men like me, should learn to understand the straight who overtly hate us just because we are gay. We need to create a friendly and caring atmosphere with them so eventually, they could learn to accept their highly probable hidden “gay feelings”.

Don’t you just love the idea? The straight men who hate us gay men, are essentially gay men themselves. They just need a little support, understanding and a lot of love.


ethan h said...

Survey here, survey there. Nothing can really explain the human mind. Gay bashers are not comfortable with their own sexuality, thus they must be gay, right? Sounds like a cliche already.

Red Fox said...

Brilliant!!! You so brilliant Lex. You hit the right idea, he-he-he!! It only shows that everything is true about my officemate who hate gays like me, but unconsciously "has gay feelings". Well, I should have understand him in the first place.

Lex Bonife said...

Ethan h, if you bother to read the post carefully, THIS IS NOT A SURVEY. It's an experiment!

Such cliche is a conjecture. hence, it must be tested with an experimental method.

And yes, many of the facets of the human mind can be explained and may be subjected to experimentation. If only one bothers to read and research.