Saturday, August 2, 2008

Remembering Harry Laurel

There is a lot of buzz I've been reading about the latest issue of Frontman magazine where Harry Laurel, the star of "Ang Lalake sa Parola/ The Man in the Lighthouse" is on the cover.

I remember this innocent yet fiercely driven boy from Bicol province months before we shot his launching movie. A few weeks before we started the production, his discoverer and manager, Joey Diego, committed suicide.

Harry texted me about the tragedy. He was in shock. He was the first one to see the hanging body. And reporters have been hounding him.

Director Jay Altarejos and I were worried for Harry. He was deeply affected by the tragedy. And we were also worried about his welfare -- where will he be staying after the death of his manager, would he still want to pursue a showbiz career and other issues. But being the strong willed man that he is, he was back to his normal self a week after the tragedy. And he was more determined ever to make it in the business.

He would ask me a lot of questions about the industry, the rates, work expectations and other stuff. He would practice to himself and would come to the set prepared with all his lines. Harry was indeed a hard working dreamer. And I admired him for that.

But one obvious thing that will hinder Harry from getting good roles is his thick provincial acccent. The Filipino audience generally wants his hunk to speak like at least someone from Manila if he does not come from a more upscale city. Harry has to learn fast. And time is running out.

There is something about Harry that many gay men find him irresitable. But is this audience interest enough to sustain him with a steady stream of projects in the entertainment business? You're guess is as good as mine :)


Anonymous said...

you are a good writer, but do check your usage of "in" in placed of "on" vis a vis. not a criticism, just a thought to share. keep blogging, it's a great exercise!

Lex Bonife said...

Thanks for pointing it out :)

Anonymous said...

for many of us whose nights have been tortured by Harry Laurel and peppered by Harry's lustful albeit artistic images, i can only say that his accent should not be a hindrance. it is Harry's mystery and I surely am willing to pay premium sum if only i could hear Harry endear me with his sweet accent. escucha me papi! i can only start to dream about Harry!

Anonymous said...

es la verdad! Harry es muy caliente y sabroso! como se dice mi nombre Harry? hayy papi, vamonos...empiezas mi fuego. ya me voy Harry porque tu eres tu!

Anonymous said...'re so magically delicious!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey lexy!

what would it take to get a personal intro to harry?

email me plz

luv u lots!

Anonymous said...

saw harry in macau...he's not 4 sale