Saturday, August 9, 2008

Man-Boy Love

"Pederasty" is the term used for sexual relationships between an adult man and a boy from 12 to 18 years of age.

I had to read about this kind of relationship since this will be one of the topics of my screenplay for my new project with acclaimed filmmaker Paolo Villaluna (Ilusyon, Selda).

Pederasty was common during the Classical Greek civilization. And it still happens nowadays, although it is now recognized as illegal in most governments.

In the early part of the 80's in the US, an organization was born to legalize pederasty. It was called "National Movement for Man Boy Love Association". It was initially intergated into gay rights but was eventually removed from the "gay revolution" due to severe criticisms that it is a front to pedophilia.

The movement fought for the right of minors for their own sexual expression. According to them, children have the right to realize their sexual desires. But they also made clear that they are against forcing anyone especially children for any sexual act against their will.

Now there are questions hounding me. Is sexual expression between minors and adults a fundamental right among human beings? Does the law of criminilizing adults in having consensual sexual acts with minors oppress this right? As per my research, there has been no substantial study that actually proves that minors who engage with consensual sexual acts with an adult feel psychologically abused and personally damaged by this relationship.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.


chuchucaracas said...

on this subject (erasmos),there will be a movie version of memoirs of hadrian. this is really interesting

Lex Bonife said...

Who is Hadrian?

ethan h said...

It's still pedophilia. Do you know any 12 year olds? Can you imagine them having sexual relations with an adult? Its not okay. I don't want to even think about it.

loudcloud said...

Pederasty a term I encountered in an essay written by JT Leroy which led into reading his books. Give his works a try. Searing, but brilliant.

I'll look forward to your next collab.

All the best!

bryz25 said...

hi lex!

uhmm good topic ha???

my take on this? it is quite common in the country. lalo na sa mga parlorista. at first feeling ko exploitation ito. pero nakikita ko ung mga dating jowa when they were in their teens, eventually becomes friends kung hinde sila nagtagal ng bading.

parang dahil nga maasikaso si bading to the extent na pati pinansyal e binibigay napapamahal na sila dito. so bilang ganti ung sex ung kapalit na di mo rin masisi kase ung lang nga rin kaya ibigay ng hombre.

nakakatuwa pa nga sa mga nakikita ko si boylet gangsta-gansta tapos may jowang bading.

u know the most touching na nakita ko. when badet died, lahat ng mga jonowa nyang bata nagpuntahan sa lamay and proudly declared na naging jowa nya nakaburol.

aside from sexual partners parang nagiging surrogate parent, friend, ninong lahat na si bading.

sorry ang haba ng comment. i just love this project!

all the best!!!