Sunday, March 22, 2009

The "Gay" God at Duty Free

(Note from Lex: Here's an interesting email from the yahoo group "The Philippine Cinema" from a person named "komiks". This could have had more bearing if it was sent with the contact person's details. Anyway, i enjoyed reading this so I am sharing it with you guys.)

On Sept. 1, 1980, he opened his first shop on Banaue street in Quezon City as a bid to join the big names in the made-to-order industry at 17 and a college sophomore (at UST, where he was majoring in Fine Arts). Boyet Fajardo believed that he had what it takes to make it in fashion alongside the more established names like Ben Farrales.

Today, Boyet is one of the biggest names in RTW. His Boyet Fajardo line is carried in all Robinsons stores—there are about 20 of them all over Metro Manila and in the provinces—and the Landmark. Since making the big shift from couture clothes to RTW

Boyet Fajardo can truly be called a success. He has become both an artistic and financial success. In fact, he recently had his new office-cum-residenc e located in Valle Verde, officially blessed. The house, which has a large garden, is doted with Boyet’a favorite antiques and paintings. He also recently bought a house in nearby Acropolis, which was blessed on Nov. 28, a blessing that was attended by many of Boyet’s longtime clients and friends.

He has truly come a long way…..

Well that is how he was, till we came across and saw how far his success has made him.

Last March 13, 2009, a Friday the 13th, (specially for the store people of Duty Free Phils), We and our Tatay Rey, who just arrived from ABU DHABI (as OFW) a day before. went to Duty Free Phils Fiestamall in Paranaque ( just beside NAIA 1) to shop and point. Or we point and he’ll buy…hehehe:)

While waiting in line at the cashiers to pay our goodies…we saw a customer at the top of his voice berating the cashiers and managers of duty free for, by his accounts, messing around with him. From what my sister told me, it was about a credit card purchase that the cashier (who we heard was just a casual employee) was kindly asking for the irate customer's other ID’s to vouch the legit owner of the credit card which is also “unsigned”, a normal operating procedure when shopping there to avoid misuse of those with con minds.

He might have thought a celebrated person like he is. with all his accolades and fame has gone unrecognized by this cashier person. A new worker who is carefully doing his job. A job he is trained to do. Tsk tsk tsk…

While Store Managers and officers were sought to appease the matter, explaining to him that it is all included as a standard operating procedure in credit card payment for the safety, not only for the company but also his own. Ignoring all this, he pulled out his phone and threatened to call on high positioned people whom he allegedly knew, to seem to us like do a power-play and make these people realize how important he is.. he went on using words like “leche kayo, di nyo ko kilala? AKO SI BOYET FAJARDO! AT Itong P..I.. NA BABAENG ITO, (pointing to a lady officer) at ang baklang ito (pointing to the cashier) ay walang kwentang mga tao! I want them fired!!!

His yelling and berating went on and on, he cannot calm down and as he appeared to have bloodshot eyes, like that of a drunk person and or under an influence. He goes on to say, that only if the cashier kneel down before him and/or allow him to freely slap the persons face, may he get satisfied!!!

AND, you know what happened next….the ill-fated cashier, with all the onlookers including us watching, stand down and just simply gave in to probably he thought would end the matter, so crying in shame he slowly knelt down and apologize (for actually doing his job) before this self proclaimed GOD…. No slapping was made to the cashier’s face but the incident landed a harsher and reverberating sound to the faces of the lesser people of this society.

Go on let us patronize Mr Boyet Fajardo's products and services and let us give him more money,to make him more powerful, affluent and comfortable to do such awful discrimination and victimize the underprivileged over and over and over again.


line of flight said...

This is an example of why the Marxists have such a complicated engagement with the gay movement. Unconscious homophobia, etc., gets positioned onto incidents like these to justify unfavorable policy.

This happens quite often in the US where people point to affluent white gay men to justify unjust social policy against everyone else in the LGBTQI communities. Quite a number of social justice activists I know have major unconscious homophobia and use singular incidents like these to justify sweeping positions of injustice.

Anonymous said...

Karma's a bitch... This scum of the earth will surely get his one day. I'm betting he's fat dark and ugly.

Anonymous said...

Gay community should not tolerate this kind of attitude. I wonder why Ladlad has not yet reacted to this issue?

Anonymous said...

Kaya nga kadalasan nakakainis na din ang dapat sana ay pinoprotektahan ng ating sinasabing GAY DISCRIMINATION dahil na din sa mga GAY na grabe kung manlait, Most of the time kahit mga photos sa mga site dito na pang gay imbis na mag thank you nalang dahil atleast may mga naglalagay nito to share sa iba panay pa din ang lait, Nakakaloka na ang mundo ngayon napapaikot na ng pera or worse PLASTIK (CREDIT CARDS) How sad.
Kahit sabihin pa natin na di tayo lahat ganyan dahil sa isa sa atin ang gumawa imahe na naman natin ang sira. How I wish na ma call ang attention ng kung anumang grupo kinabibilangan ang designer na involved para maturuan ng tamang asal, buti nalang yung mga tunay na sikat at pamosong mga designer ay di ganyan mikipag kapwa tao. At dun naman sa lumuhod mas saludo ako sayo kasi mas mayaman ka pang unawa at pasensya kaysa sa nagyayamanyamanan na lunod naman. Sa wala ng mangyaring ganito nakakalungkot kasi.

Anonymous said...

i dont know who is he "boyet fajardo" but i am glad i dont know him...i've watched the video thru TFC here in toronto...
Every one's comment was right, dapat lang siguro bigyan nang leksyon kung sino man ang boyet fajardo na yan at kung sikat man sya kung bigyan man sya nang leksyon, dapat LUMUHOD din sya, gawin din nya ang ginawa nyang pagpapaluhod sa staff ng duty least yun wlang bayad kahit lumuhod man sya, di tulad nang ginagawa nyang pagluhod na sya pa ang nagbabayad...

Anonymous said...

nakakahiya! powertripper ang bakla!!

boyet fajardo? sa totoo lang hindi ko siya kilala!!

dapat ngang ituloy ang boykott na yan para magtanda!!

at yung soory nya, hindi sincere..

Anonymous said...

May puso at konsensya yung taong yun? right after the incident, i wonder if he ever felt even a slight pinch of guilt?
This has nothing to do with homosexuality or heterosexuality, this is about humanity.