Friday, March 27, 2009

Queerest Sport?

I have been meeting a lot of gay men here in Manila who are so addicted to playing badminton, and I can’t help but wonder why many Filipino gay men are into this sport? Is badminton the new volleyball?

Here are my speculations why badminton is such a hit among gay men:

• Compared to volleyball (which has been the “official” sport of swishy gay men in school), it is much easier to participate in badminton because there is no need to gather a group of six people per team. You can come to a badminton court alone, and get yourself into the queue and you get to play instantly

• Badminton does not threaten the physical assets of the gay man – no bruises, no scratches, etc. (unless you are stupid enough to hit your face with your racquet)

• Badminton shorts are shorter than the usual sporty shorts. There is always an excuse to display the legs

• Because so many other gay men play badminton, it has become an enjoyable social activity to hunt for mates.

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line of flight said...

mirror mirror on the wall, what sport's the queerest of all?