Thursday, March 5, 2009

Klub Modelo

To continue with my gay bar series posts with Mr. D from Singapore, we went to Klub Modelo, a strip bar beside a gas station in front of the Children's Hospital at La Loma, Quezon City.

Now, this is the bar that I enjoyed the most only because there seems to be a rule here that only stocky men are allowed to dance onstage. And I must admit, I have always been weirdly attracted to bulky men with broad shoulders and bulging muscles with some generous amount of fat all over his body. And to my big surprise, all their men are designed for my taste.

There are no VIP rooms in here. And there is nothing special with their production numbers despite the fact that it was then, a Saturday night with a full crowd.

At the center of the area is the lavatory with a loud signage that says any "macho dancer" who uses this rest room gets a deduction of Php50 (USD10) from his night's salary.

Entrance to the bar is Php250. Men's drinks also cost around that price. And their food as expected is over priced. And we had a difficult time finding a cab at 3am outside the bar.


Anonymous said...

VACATION NOTIFICATION...finally reached Manila via my CX flite.

somebody threw the name GALAXY on Pureza. any comments on this place before i commit going to the joint. much thanks...

i still have to try your ISAW!

Anonymous said...

Galaxy is cheap and dirty. I visited their once and brownout. they just had lit candles and they did not even say there were no lights. to make the most of what the guests paid, they circled the chairs around facing each other with their dancers totally in the nude seated beside guests in the "circle of lust" they jack off with a lit candle in the middle. its up to you if you want more. you are the guest, you're in between two men jacking off but you should have the bucks ready.