Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who is Big Boy?

The search is on for the lead character of my latest film with Joselito Altarejos "Little Boy, Big Boy".

Raymund, the lead character is a 28 year old graphic designer, who lives his "gay" life to the fullest and is suddenly confronted by the responsibility of being a father to an 8 year old boy.

The film will portray the gay man and his capacity to nurture and to learn the true meaning of love.

Several actors have auditioned. But a decision has not been made. Shoot is all set on April. But the question still lingers on us.

Who is our "Big Boy"?


line of flight said...

we're all waiting with anticipation.

Anonymous said...

Keber! Pero obvious naman no! Si Mark Xander kaya. Ang syota ni direk. Feeling ko lang.

Anonymous said...

josh ivan would be a good choice but he's overexposed. i'd recommend piolo pascual but he's not a risk taker. bruce quebral should be it.

best personal regards,
ken chang