Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On "Trashy Gay Movies"

There has been some talk about the UP Film Center being turned into a venue of "trashy gay .

movies" as written by one columnist in a local tabloid.

As far as the columnist is concerned, UP must have a board of reviewers to approve which films must be shown so as not to "tarnish" the name of this premiere university

I have been a UP Student (oo78164) and have been part of the community, and our university has been the vanguard of freedom of expression in this country. Humans, in this case the gay men have the capacity to decipher which for them is trash and which is not, which film is worth their time and which one is not. In this case, we don't need a board to tell us which film must be shown or not.

Two, there is absolutely nothing wrong with films being produced for the purpose of sexual pleasure for its audience. Every adult human being has the right to enjoy their sexuality even if that entails watching a movie and masturbating with the scenes of such film. Such films will only be morally wrong if it hires minors or if it forces actors to perform things beyond what they are willing to do.

The real issue here is the lack of a "legal industry" that caters to adult entertainment. You see, "porn producers" have to parade their films as "your-typical-independent-film" so they could get released on regular venues. Hence, they are forced to add some minor plot and considerable characterization in their intended visual sex feast just so they could exhibit their "gay entertainment films".

If only there is a film venue for adult entertainment where censorship does not exist, then such kind of problem shall cease to exist.

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line of flight said...

Who exactly would be on this board? A group of trash sympathizers -- I doubt that was the columnist's idea? Or would it be a Board similar to the current Commercial Censorship Board? Why have a Board? Having a board isn't democratic or fair if its cherry picked by the fascist behind the scenes.

Every industry driven censorship campaign (including the U.S.'s MPAA rating system) started from a fascists moralizing about the value of independent movies.