Monday, March 30, 2009

Paolo Rivero is "Big Boy"

After several auditions and meetings with different actors, from the newcomers to those who want to make an onscreen comeback, from the "straight" to the "closet" actors, filmmaker Joselito Altarejos has finally decided who his lead actor in his next film, "Little Boy/ Big Boy".

The "Big Boy" is Paolo Rivero lead actor of the hit film "Daybreak" and star of gay flicks "Paolo Vs. Paolo" and "M2M 4: Exxxxtreme".

Paolo will play Raymund, a twentysomething graphic designer who is enjoying his "gay" life to the fullest until he is confronted with the responsibilities of being a father and guardian to his 8 year old nephew.

The story and screenplay of "Little Boy/ Big Boy" was written by this blog author.

Up Next, this blog shall introduce the several other boys in this gay film produced by Viva Digital.


Ed said...

It's a great choice! Who doesn't love Paolo Rivero? He is not only very good looking but can act really well. Im sure he will give justice to the role. Just tell him to wear his hair the way he does in this photo. He looks really good than 'semi-shaved' on M2M. I hope too we will finally see his 'johnson'. Is this in the script Lex? It will be a treat! Im sure this will be another hit like your past 3 movies. Good luck and more power!!

Anonymous said...

diba may ganito nang story na nirelease ng TLA Releasing yung Bear Club. hmmmmmm