Saturday, March 28, 2009

Getting to Know Survivor's Jace Flores

I directed an event last weekend where Survivor's Jace Flores was one of the guests. It was my first time to see him and meet him since I never had the chance to catch an episode of Survivor. I first heard of his name from my TV addicted gay housemates who shriek in delight everytime Jace appears on TV.

Jace wasn't exactly the "artista looking" guy as I imagined him to be. He was simple yet he exuded a very strong sex appeal.

He came from Hawaii. His thwang was quite apparent. Back then before his Survivor days, he was busy playing basketball for his school and helping others with their weight training. He was passionate with fitness.

He came to Manila hoping to play professional basketball. I was surprised by this answer because he didn't seem like your typical basketball player. His height was barely 5'9". I figured, he must be really good and skillful to in playing with the ball.

Jacen enjoys the popularity he has received after surviving his popular reality TV show. And for him, the best part of being a Survivor is getting booted out earlier, as it gave him the chance to eat "real" food.

Our chat was cut short as our event was about to start. And I was just glad to get to know this hunky guy, who's the apple of the eye of so many gay men I know.

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river said...

he has a nice smile and great body! i've been a fan since i first saw him on survivor.