Saturday, June 6, 2009

From Closeted Anonymous

Here's a message from a "closeted" first time Lexuality reader:

Hi there!

It's my first time to visit this blog site, and due to the nature of my environment (situation) as a "closeted gay," I hardly do get a chance to read something as "decent" as yours.

Apologies for the terms used above however I really do appreciate all the interesting and well written thoughts you have.

I have never tried going to a gay bar so I don't have the right to comment however, don't you think that whatever type of joy we experience in either getting a massage or going to a strip club, nothing beats genuine care/love for somebody?

I know I sound lost so I'll just go back to my first agendum here, to commend you and just forget about all the things that I said.

from "closeted" anonymous


Hi "Closeted" Anonymous,

Thanks for visiting Lexuality and thank you for calling me "decent". Most people would rarely describe me as such.

It is true that an intimate relationship is certainly rewarding.

But in a gay man's lifestyle, it' hard to take out promiscuity from the equation. Blame evolution for that.

I hope in the near future, you could start coming out. Life is much better when you know that the people around you are comfortable with your sexuality.

Good Luck!



Anonymous said...

i always believe n never na naging sin ang pagiging gays kase wala namn tlagang may gusto na maging ganito ang sitwasyon,di namna ganun kadali ito, at napaka complikado pa!NEVER A CHOICE!tulad ng inaakala ng iba na choice ito, im sure lahat tayo wants a normal athindi complex na living,yung walang paliwanagan at prejudices in life,..i agree may 2 kinds of gays/lesbians,yung mga gays na decent,simple,godly,may breeding at di pakawala at yung mga gays na tinatawag nilang screaming faggots o bitchy,..well,doon pumapasok ang sins,yung LIFESTYLE CHOICE ng isang tao o ng isang gay,.astang babae,nag mamake up,nagsusuot ng damit pambabae,boses babae,at yung transgender o pagpapalit ng ari,.malaking kasalanan sa dyos iyon dahil iyon ang choice nila,pwero yung nagkataon GAY ka sa di maipaliwanag na rason bakit may gays o lesbians,.e.YOU LIVING DECENTLY TO PLS GOD KAHIT GAY KA, si GOD lang tlaga makakasagot lahat ng bagay n amay kinalaman sa pgiging gay o lesbinas,as for now mag RESPETUHAN tayo bilang tao,..i believe din na yung mga gays na maayos at simple lang ,mas gusto ng mga guys o mas nakakahanap sila ng real partner in life,.may mga gays na nag aasawa ng girl kase choice nila yun,at madaming angels ang nag sasayawan nun..hehe.pero gay padin sila o bisex,.may gays tlaga na malakas ang control at disiplina sa sarili,.so,it all depends in being human,.regardless status o gender na meron ka,..GOD WANTS a CLEAN HEART TO ALL,..godbless..

Anonymous said...

Taking promiscuity out of the equation of being gay is to difficult? What the...