Monday, June 15, 2009

Dangerous Eyeball

If you like hooking up with strangers for some quick fun, beware! Nowadays, carnappers use this setup as their bait for their unsuspecting dates.

Here's a story from Philippine Star. (Thanks, Line of flight - Lex)

Textmate steals man's car during hotel tryst
By Reinir Padua Updated June 15, 2009 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - A man almost lost a company car he was driving to his “textmate,” who stole his keys while they were in a hotel in Quezon City and drove away while he was in the bathroom, police said Saturday.

Policemen from the Quezon City Police District (QCPD), led by Inspector Angelo Nicolas, found a red Toyota Vios registered to New Market Link Pharmaceutical Corp. abandoned at Teachers Camp in Baguio City three days after it was stolen from Homer (not his real name) last June 6.

Chief Inspector Dario Añasco, head of the QCPD’s anti-carjacking section, said Homer recognized his textmate’s photograph from the police rogues’ gallery.

Añasco said the textmate, who introduced himself to Homer as Mark Marty, was actually Sherwin Martin, arrested a few years ago for allegedly stealing another vehicle “on a whim”.

Añasco warned people to be cautious against those they meet online or through texting. Citing Homer’s account, Añasco said the complainant and the suspect met through a television “chat room.”

“He (Homer) posted his cell phone number there and it was the suspect who sent him a text message,” Añasco said.

He said the two eventually agreed to “eyeball” or meet in person at an apartelle on West Avenue, Quezon City at around 6 a.m. last June 6.

After checking in, Homer went to the bathroom and left behind his cellular phone and car keys. His textmate, however, left the room and and drove off with his car.

Police said Martin was arrested in 2007 after he posed as a buyer of a vehicle and drove off with it during a supposed test drive, then abandoned it at a nearby province. The complainant did not press charges following a settlement with Martin’s family.

“He’s not in it for the money. It’s not like he’s re-selling the vehicle. It’s because in the two cases, the vehicles were eventually abandoned somewhere. It’s like he’s just driving away the vehicles for a joyride,” Añasco said in jest.

He said Homer would file charges of car theft against Martin, who remains at large.


Anonymous said...


this article comes in 2 parts :

the trust, well, let's leave it for Dear Abbey to ponder but the carnapping, that's my beef.

older model cars are mostly targetted by crooks. for various reasons : parts, lack of GPS, immobilizers & other safety devices, less conspicuous to police (when you visit Aunt Maria in the Ilocos), kids looking for drag-racing equipment and wheels when they take their dates to Starbucks, etc...and the #1 reason of them all, recklessness with the keys.

Mr. Padua, to steal for leisure a workhose (assumed to be a recent model) Toyota Vios, does not make any sense. and it's RED!


Nobe said...

a lot of lessons can be learned from this story.