Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Big Boy Poster Approved

The X Rated Poster

The approved version of the poster

After two x-ratings, the poster of our latest film "Little Boy/ Big Boy" directed by Joselito Altarejos has finally been approved.

Here is what the filmmaker has to share regarding the several revisions MTRCB has demanded on the film poster:

"The MTRCB, our industry's moral compass, has finally approved the 3rd study of the poster for my new film Little Boy Big Boy.

The (first poster layout) studies was not found deem for general patronage as they "depict graphic homosexual love."

I totally agree with them. A half-naked man lying on top of another half-naked man is graphic. These images connote homosexuality. And homosexuality is immoral.

Because it is so hard to explain to minors that there is this thing called homosexuality, and that two people of the same gender can fall in love. Because it is easier to explain to children why people kill and throw fists at each other. And it is far more entertaining to watch the handicapped (read: pilay, bulag, etc. ), aesthetically challenged (read: bungal, kalbo, etc.) and the racially different (read: negro, bombay, etc.) made fun of on national television.

Yes, I agree with them. We are living in the dark ages. Homosexuality has not been invented yet."


Alex said...

If the information I got from some sources is correct, quite a number of billboards in the metropolis were torn down/brought down by the DPWH (or some other government agency) reportedly because they were scandalous or are hazardous to motorists.

I do know that in the United States, they do not encourage the use of billboard advertising but never to the point of such crazy censorships.

Don't look now but Lex, I wouldn't be surprised that the MTRCB or whoever will be given authority by the government will soon go after blogs like yours because well, it poses certain hazards to the public's morals too. Or at least that is what they believe it to be so.

line of flight said...

inventions and creativity = economic development, just the thing we need to thwart.

edward said...

In my own personal opinion, the X rated poster is much better than the approved poster for the movie Little Boy / Big Boy. I just hope that they ( the producer nor the director)will use the X rated poster when they out this movie in the VCD / DVD format in the near futute.

Anonymous said...

hayaan na natin,at least ang PILIPINAS,nasa balance o gitna padin wen it comes in homosexuality,...di natin tinotolerate at the same time,may freedom tayo to do watever we wanna do as long na di tayo nakakasakit ng tao,.we cannot explain the issue of gays/lesbians to the children,immatured,uneducated,old pipol,close-minded yet close-cultured,idiot at pretentious pipol,..so,let it be,.WE ALL NEEDS TO RESPECT EACH OTHER REGARDLESS STATUS & GENDER!as for the issue of gays,leave it to god,anyway we dont have a rights to judge pipol,ONLY GOD!ONLY GOD KNOWS howto explain this complicated issue of gender w/o prejudice and insult,..

Anonymous said...

letche talaga yang MTRCB na yan dapat pasabugin yan kasama ni Gloria...
mga buwakanang-shit...

-Lilipot (Taguig)