Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Silahis or Bakla?

I had a very interesting conversation with blogger Mr. Line of Flight about the two opposite ends of the Filipino gay subculture. At one end is the “silahis” (local term for the bisexual or the masculine gay men) side and on the other end is the “bakla” or the transgender side (referring to the effeminate gay men and the cross dressing type). The latter is epitomized by the parlorista, or the typical gay men manning your beauty salon.

These opposing sides have their own sets of values. The “silahis” values masculinity while the “bakla” is a representation of femininity. The “silahis” patronizes relationship with another silahis (two masculine gay men) and the bakla fantasizes and most of the time pays for the sexual services of the “straight man”.

Considering this perspective, I realized that most Filipino gay men will find themselves between these two sides. And the more you are attracted to one side, the more you will repel the other side.

I’m wondering, will it be possible for the silahis or the bakla to dominate the other one in the context of the gay subculture in the next few years?


line of flight said...

a epistemic "rupture" of post-modern genealogical portions is afoot!

Anonymous said...

mas mahirap kaya ang silahis o bisex kesa sa bakla tlaga,..mas complicado ang buhay ng isang silahis ok,..kase if gay ka ,alam mo gusto mo e, guy lang ang guto mo pag sa bisexula,dalawa nga e,..girl at boy ,,may tendency na mapunta ka sa boy at sa girl, for now,masyado nang nakakalito ang gender ng mga tao,,enjoy life at stay wid GOD,...

Nobe said...

mas gusto ko ang term na "Bakla" kaysa silahis. kasi ang silahis parang confused. IMO lang.



Aldrin F.T. said...

Can we say *neither*? I never got the idea of equating "silahis" (rays of the sun) with 'bi-love'. "Bakla", on the other hand, has been more of gender identity than sexual attraction. I don't understand why many people pair them.

I think one of the reasons why there's *still* passive discrimination here is because of the words we use. We had a little discussion over here: