Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On Pinoy Gay Films and Big Boy

The author of the blog "The Spy in the Sandwich", Ian Rosales Casocot, an award winning writer writes about our film "Little Boy/ Big Boy" and other insights on Philippine Gay Cinema.

He writes:

Digital Viva's Little Boy, Big Boy is the new film by director Joselito Altarejos, from a script by Lex Bonife -- the creative team that brought us what could easily be described as seminal films in Philippine queer cinema, a roster that includes Ang Lalaki sa Parola, Ang Lihim ni Antonio, and Kambyo.

The new film is a departure from those three films: after the heavy drama of Parola and Antonio and the road trip of Kambyo, what we get in Boy a light drama, with touches of comedy, that tells the story of a young, commitment-phobic gay yuppie (played by Paolo Rivero) suddenly saddled by taking care of a young nephew (played by Renz Valerio) while juggling a new relationship with a younger man (played by Douglas Robinson) whom he meets in an orgy. (That should whet the appetite of many...) But given its sexual situations (requisite, perhaps, for the Digital Viva label) the film is actually sweet and endearing, and features most prominently the strange but amiable dynamics of the relationship between uncle and nephew who -- together with the uncle's new boyfriend -- essentially presents us an idealized and very romantic idea of the possibilities of a new kind of family. This is essentially My Two Dads, Pinoy-style. And in many ways, I am glad for this film, if only because it breaks ground from the cliches of local gay cinema always involving macho dancers, prostitutes, and the like. Rivero's Raymond Fabillar is a non-swishy, unconflicted, self-possessing gay yuppie looking just like the rest of us -- and that's a refreshing face indeed for the queer character in local cinema.

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Anonymous said...

tired of gay films,..too many male starlets na di mo alam san galing,..galing sa ganito ,.kay ganito,...hehe..if i were them,..porno na lang,.straight gay porno,..para mas ok, gnun,di na sila uulanan ng negative comments ng tao,...pero itong mag pahapyaw na soft porn kuno,..wala ito,..kukutyain lang sila ng tao,..halata kase na tinutumbok nila, lang!!yun lang!