Saturday, August 1, 2009

A PLU's Experience

Here's another "Big Boy" experience from blogger James, author of "The Crazy Life of TL"

"I like the honesty of the story. It teaches you that homosexuality is not a lie. It is not something that you should hide, that you should not be ashamed of. It is something to be told, to anyone, especially to the innocent ones. I like how Paolo explained this to the kid. Not controversial and not vulgar. How lovely it was to see how easy for a little boy to accept the gay truth compare to adults nowadays. How I imagine a world so easy for PLUs when acceptance is just like that.

...That is what I like in the movie. It captures you. It makes you think. It makes you realize things. It allows you to participate emotionally and mentally. It gives you a big screen of your own lines, and somehow, a scene of your own life."

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