Sunday, January 17, 2010

Batong Buhay

In English, "Batong Buhay" can loosely be translated to anything hard that is pulsating with life. And that's exactly what this bar in Cubao beside the Araneta station of the LRT2 line.

Many good looking boys strip off to show their hardwares pulsating with blood and vigor!

Batong Buhay is located right in front of the landmark Cubao gay place, Palawan 1 and is reportedly owned by the same management. This is the only gay strip bar I have been to that offers "value meals". For a thousand pesos, you get 4 bottles of beer, a chicharon (pig skin crackers), and 4 glasses of man's drink for your preferred macho dancer.

And here's more - there is no entrance fee to the bar!

And to top it all, some of the boys here belong to the best looking strippers I have seen. In terms of value, this is the best strip bar I have ever visited.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip.

what's the raid quotient of this bar?

what do i tell the taxi driver on how to get there?

aside from weekends, what's the best time and day to go there?

they have vip room? can u recommend a floor mgr's name?

who should i book for my private show?

ken chang

wanna come with me?

Anonymous said...

Sayang, Lex. I just got back here sa States and been to a few gay bars while I was there. Ba't di ko nabalitaan na meron palang Batong Buhay sa Cubao, when most of the time I was in that part of the world.

Have you been to Prince Galaxy sa may lumang NSO office in Sta. Mesa? Grabe rin ang hubaran dun but the place is old, rusty and dirty. Ang mahal pa ng men's drink nila.

I should have known about this Batong Buhay. Saan ba kasi sila nagpopromote dati about their place?

alvinb7 said...

just visited the bar last night. actually it was my fourth visit and i'm sure i'll be coming back over and over again..

the place is quite small but it's very homy. rates are very reasonable and customers are not pressured to get male companions as other bars oftentimes do.

the best thing is... everyone is very accomodating, even the dancers themselves. most, if not all dancers are very good looking with great looking bodies to match.

i strongly recommend gants, jet, rio, prince, cholo and jordan, although everyone else is nearly as great..

alvinb7 said...

ken, allow me to answer some of your questions...

from what i heard (from a very reliable source), the owner of this bar has a very strong influence (shhhhh...), thus the possibility of raid is minimal.

with regards to direction, i guess most taxi drivers know aurora blvd in cubao. if you're coming from manila, after crossing edsa, just look for chow king on the opposite side. find a u-turn slot, then turn right to where chow king is located. batong buhay is on the right side of that street.

my friends at the bar told me that customers usually come in at around 11pm onwards almost every weeknight. so if you prefer a small crowd, the best time for you to visit would be earlier. i personally couldn't confirm this because i only visit the bar on fridays.

they do have a vip room at the second floor. currently, the floor manager's name is oliver. you can also look for the oic. his name is prince, also an md (the best looking md, if i may say so) and a very accomodating one as well.

i have named good performers from my previous comment. but, i advice you to visit and see them for yourself because, really, most of them could handle private shows.

hope i satisfied your queries. the best thing to do is visit the bar and experience for yourself.

have a nice day...

smart said...

yan ba yung sa almost tapat ng p1? kung yan nga. nakapunta na ako dyan, yes confirm na may mga cute nga pero konti lang ,pero madami silang md, ingat lang sa bill nyo at sa inuoorder nyo kasi bad experience ko ay dinadagdagan nila yung bill mo kapag magbabayad ka na, konting ingat !

Anonymous said...

open pa po ba to?and pwede po ba girl sa place na to?

Anonymous said...

ok na sana kaso may makukulit na md as in sobrang kulit sa panghihingi...

Anonymous said...

lex we just visited the place last night kaso napalitan na cia ng spa... permanently wala na ba or nalipat lang ang batong buhay? kung nalipat, san kaya?