Sunday, January 3, 2010

City Jail Boys

Hi Lex,

I just came across your blogsite yesterday and I think yours is one of the best. I read about the City Jail meron palang mga hotties dun na game sa booking. :) ..Meron pa rin kaya ngyon? :) May I know which city jail that is (and what time mganda pumunta) para makapunta ako and do my own adventure?..I would really appreciate it..thanks



Hi Joel,

Thanks for the compliment. I met some of the boys from Manila City Jail courtesy of an entertainment writer who has a boyfriend inside. Unfortunately, you can't come in if you don't have a contact inside. You need to know someone jailed inside to be become a visitor.

Many of those behind the bars would lovingly welcome gay men and their gifts. You see they barely get any visits from friends and families. And more often than not, they are also sexually starved.

Gay Men with some cash are treated like kings inside. And I must tell you, there are a number of good looking men inside who is worth your love and attention!

But I have to warn you though that a visit to the City Jail is not for those with a weak heart.



Herbs D. said...

oh. so pwede pala Conjugal visits dito? o hindi? okay lang. kinky eh *teehee*

Anonymous said...

which blog entry was this? parang 'di ko nabasa. hehe.

Anonymous said...

hope you can help me to visit there... i think mas ok pang silang mga nasa loob ang pag aksayahan ng panahon kesa yung mga andito sa labas...

Jepoi said...

Wow! This is something our journalists should look into. I would love to make a docu on this one. Nice material for a story!

Anonymous said...

mag ingat lang sa skin disease na pwede nyong makuha. buni, hadhad, kurikong, galis aso ay talamak sa preso.