Friday, January 29, 2010

Touching the Taxi Driver

My client asked me to acompany his transgender empoyee from Boracay to the Morato area. And from Paranaque, we boarded a cab whose driver looks like a cross between Gardo Versoza and Janvier Daley with a little bulge from his tummy. The trannie sat beside the driver. And I was at the backseat.

We were so engaged in our gay talk that the driver began to join our conversation and started to flirt with the trannie. It was at that time that I realized how lucky cross dressers are! And I was mumbling to myself, "God! I should have been a trannie!". The driver started to touch my long haired companion who was shrieking in delight disguised as a protest.

And I told the driver.

LEXUALITY: Ay kuya! Inaabuso mo na yang kasama ko. Kung gusto mo ganito na lang, sa bawat hipo mo sa kanya, hihipuan kita. (Mr. Driver, I think you are taking advantage of my companion. Let's keep it fair. If you continue to touch her, I will start touching you.)

The driver laughed. He continued to caress my companion. And my hands went straight to his crotch.

I may not be beautiful like my visitor. But I sure know how to find my way to my own happiness.


line of flight said...

in fairness, i will start touching you. lol.

Anonymous said...

Ahaha. natawa nman ako dun.
i have a friend, market nya talaga ang mga taxi driver. it started with pervy talk tapos mapupunta n yun sa kung saan :)

Anonymous said...

alam mo lex you are so funny!!! why don't you write a script this time about a funny gay movie, have you seen 'another gay movie'? that was hilarious!

david said...

last spring, i invited a friend to join me on a trip to luang prabang but he was forced to pull out at the last minute.

however, as a replacement, he sent his brother, now referred to as his sister, a trannie, to the airport as his replacement. at first, i was hesitant, but she was well presented, well dressed, and most importantly, she spoke lao. off we went.

not only was she kind and charming but wherever we ventured, her presence attracted cute laotians like a magnet. and being the generous person that she was, she always insisted on sharing her catch.

Anonymous said...

ows? echos to

Anonymous said...

WRONG MESSAGE...don't get too comfy or toy with the idea that a trannie's company will bring the possibility of good result at the end. sometimes it could turn out to be the kiss of death. being a discreet gay man is the SAFEST route to take. believe me, i am still here writing this comment.

chinito said...

I just dicovered this blog and is reading the entries backwards. I'm so impressed and astounded by the author's willpower to get what he wants from straight men.
Well as for the advantage of cross-dressers, well yeah they do have advantage and they get straight and good looking men for sex..