Monday, January 11, 2010

Men's Court 2

Part 2

Inside Men's Court in Avenida, Rizal, their trannie floor manager guided us to our seats and never went away. She was so enamored with the Chinese charm of Mr.D, that she started rubbing her breasts on the toned arms of my friend making him very uncomfortable.

It was probably her way of threatening us "get one of my men in your table or I will rub my inflated chest on your arm for the rest of the evening". But we stood firm. We never got any of her men on our table.

At Php380 per glass, their macho dancer's drinks were more expensive than some of the best strip bars in the Metro (Big Papa, Adonis, etc.).

And their dancers -- their looks will never fail to remind you of the harsh realities of our third world existence.

In Men's Court, there is no such thing as fantasy because this gay strip bar is the perfect place for gay men who dream to become the next Mother Teresa.

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Andrei Alba said...

ay ganon lang pala dun.

nakita kita sa megamall last time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lex, you have quite alot of readers here in the Mid East part of the globe. I just wanted to comment thou, bout inclusion of someone in your blog who is well-loved and well-respected like Mother Theresa. Personally, the analogy is a bit off. Let's just try to draw up some lines between religion and sexuality. 'Coz I think, there still some gay men whose faith and belief are convincingly strong. on that note nevertheless, I am not pretty sure if there are really gay men you know or you have known, who dream to become the next Mother Theresa...just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

hi lex. Do u know wat hapenned to dtour blue bar? Last 2 wks ago, its gates had a closed signage. I immediately rushed to go away from d place as i was afraid dat ders a raid or sumthing. but by d looks of the signage, it looked like its from the police, it didnt get d chance to read it coz i panicked. Hope u cud blog abt it.

Anonymous said...

hahaha...your blog entry on this gay bar reminded me also of that time in my gay life (several years ago) when i was also going to sleazy bars like this one you mentioned.

the place is really pathetic. sure, you see many near naked or truly naked men on stage. but to be honest? the smell alone of cockroaches will make you want to leave the place as soon as you entered. not even if the smell were scents of cocks instead. you'd still want to leave ASAP. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

ito ang na-raid, di ba?