Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hooked with Manila Gay Life

Dear Lex,

I'm an avid follower of your blog and your amusing style of writing. I was particularly envious of your Singapore friend you mentioned in your penultimate entry! I'm dreaming one day we could be friends enough that I'll be entitled to such an honour of you as personal escort to the gay delights of Manila.

I am also a writer and I travel regularly to Manila. My first trip was in 1984 and I can't rid myself of the Pinoy bug in me since! I travel there next on Jan 9 and should be there about 3 weeks at least. It will be a great privilege if I could meet with you.

I am especially fascinated by the genre of films you are involved in. My only regret is I cannot follow the dialogues because there are usually no English subtitles. But the stars are all such a great fantasy!

Look forward to hearing from you and meantime, I'll continue following your blog - sorry, I haven't plucked up courage to make any comments yet!

Cheers for a great and exciting new year for you!




Dear John,

Thank you for the nice words. I have always enjoyed meeting my readers in person. And I'll be pleased to show you around the pink side of Manila.

Get in touch with me when you get here! Happy New Year.


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