Thursday, January 21, 2010

Suck & Chirp

I observed some gay men to have constant chirping sounds when they suck dicks. And I began to wonder whether this sound is produced consciously by the oral sex giver.

Could the sound add arousal into the giver? Or is this a natural consequence of their teeth alignment and mouth shape? Or to be Freudian, could the auditory effort be brought about by some infantile influences?

I have no answer on this query. And as I try to investigate on this, let me find myself a nice guy where I can practice chirping.

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david said...

"suck and chirp" (lol). my dear lex, you are simply too much!

if your observations were made while watching porn, i would say the sounds were probably intended to increase the arousal of the viewer. however, if they were made while personally engaged in oral copulation, it could have been emulation, erotogenic infantilism, or a combination of both.

being an attractive and intelligent young man residing in a country full of handsome pinoys, you should have no problem conducting your research. please keep us updated on the collection of your data and its implications. :-)