Friday, January 15, 2010

A Boyfriend on Your Death Bed

Dear Klein,

I was shocked to learn about your death. Your are 35, a fixture of gay parties and a lively conversationalist among the loose clique of gay men who gather by the community pool every night.

Your relationship with Jay-R is a story worth remembering. He stood by you as your body fell ill. He was there as you lost your sense of balance, your eyesight and your bodily functions. Jay-R loved you enough to take care of you as your body deteriorated.

And on your death, he lovingly groomed your lifeless body silently praying for you to wake as if you were just in deep slumber.

As you leave this world, your love for each other will alaways inspire me. Because of you and Jay-R, I knew that love between men is as genuine and as sublime as any other love in this world.

Thank you Klein and Jay-R for this beautiful lesson.

Jay-R, I grieve for your loss.


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Anonymous said...

It is perhaps more comforting sitting beside the dying boyfriend, grooming him for his funeral, and lifting him to his grave.... than not seeing him at all in his last moment. All I see now is the grave where he was laid.... by his wife and kids.