Friday, January 8, 2010

Men's Court 1

Part 1

I and my adventurous Singaporean friend, Mr. D with controversial filmmaker Monti Parungao, of "Sagawan" and "Bayaw" fame, went all the way to Recto to look for the "sleaziest" bar I have ever visited, "D' Ultimate Zone". We went at the back of Isettan Recto only to find out it is no longer in operation.

A concerned staff from the Mini-stop which was right below the bar told us that the owner opened another bar at the corner of Avenida (now, Rizal Ave.) and Soler street, it's name is "Men's Court".

Situated inside what's probably a building that survived the second world war, we parked in front of the bar and proceeded to the ticket booth. Now, the anolamous evening begins. We asked for the ticket price and the attendant did not know how much the tickets were. There was no signage of how much the entrance costs. A hushed discussion between the attendants started to ensue.

Being a pathologically paranoid city dweller, i told the attendants, "Kayo ha, dinadagdagan niyo pa yata yung entrance fee. Bakit hindi niyo alam kung magkano ito?" (Are you trying to jack up your rates for us? How come you don't know the entrance rate?) They saw us get off from Monti's shiny SUV, and that probably motivated them to squeeze more money from us.

Finally, they decided to charge us Php200 each. And we were ushered inside what seems to be a horror house littered with wannabe strippers and agitated cockroaches.

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