Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gay Men's Yoga in Makati

As a registered yoga teacher and as a practitioner for more than 5 years, I must say yoga has been tremendously helpful with my bedroom skills. And for this, I am happy to announce that there's new class concept for yoga in Metro Manila.

Yoga Loca is a class exclusively for gay men. In this class, all students are required to be in their underwear (thongs preferred), and is geared to improve muscle definition, energy and a sense of enjoyment with fellow gay men. The class is taught by my friend, Paolo Leonido, a fellow vinyasa yoga instructorand is held every Thursdays 6:30-8pm and Saturdays 5:30-7pm.

It is held at the Penthouse of Century Plaza along Perea st., Legaspi village, Makati. You can opt for a drop-in rate of Php500 or you can buy a package of Php2400 for 6 classes. For more details, you may call 0906-5063958 or email echoyogaworkshop@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Ashtanga class?

Anonymous said...

NUEVO CONCEPTO?...not so senorita.

my Mama Edna (a gay elder friend) told me that she used to frequent the enclaved all-male pool of the YMCA on Arroceros St., where swimmers are allowed to go nude or in thongs. what a sight to behold for the voyeur of young Pinoy dicks, as most of the bathers are students from the nearby colleges. it sure beats the onsen, banya or CB steammies, she said .