Monday, September 6, 2010

Waiting for the Waiters Part 2

Part 2

Let's continue the letter of "Bon" about his grand scheme to "taste" a bunch of good looking waiters in from his favorite resto:

...but when I tried to ask him again, he'd make "bawi" and say "Joke lang." However, the context of this comment was when we were talking about the infamous pick-up girls of Padi's Point.

The thing now is, I feel like pushing the envelope a little bit further next time. The other night, we were a little drunk and I was alreadyso tempted to make a move. However, what makes me hesitant is that as a customer and as a professional, these waiters seem to have so much respect for me, that even when we are in the midst of a drinking session, they'd still prefer to address me with "Sir...". If I make a move over the weekend, I'd be risking so many things, if you know what I mean. Though I am so not into the relationship thing (gusto ko lang talaga matikman ang iba sa kanila tapos barkada lang ulit) and given some of the waiters' previous sexual encounters with gay men, I also get a feeling that it won't be too difficult to you know...

Next week, I'm planning to bring XXX DVD's and watch these films with them while drinking sa house. O di ba ang dali na? Still, there's a part of me that's hesitant.

Before you react, I guess I also have a few questions:

In spite of my being discreet, do you think may naaamoy din sila?

Is it possible to mess around with a few of them and still be casual friends? My fear is that after that, they'd start avoiding me.

What can you say about my plan next weekend? Feasible ba or medyo dangerous?

Thanks for your time and I do hope to hear from you. Thanks



Hi Bon,
Thanks for sharing this exciting situation that you are in right now. My instinct tells me that if you plan to experience a bunch of straight men, it's always easier and safer to do the seduction one by one instead of setting up one hot evening for all of them  although the latter sounds more exciting.
The waiters being co-workers may have more sexual  inhibitions if they are together. So the probability of getting them in one seductive stroke is lesser than planning one scheme for every person.
If the waiters have been exposed to gay sex, most likely they know very well your intention so there's no need to be too guarded with your interactions with them.
And yes, with Pinoy straight men, they could always drop their pants for you and you could always remain friends.
Have fun!


david m. said...

i agree with lex. one on one is probably your best bet.

however, your time and energy might be better utilized finding a nice gay guy, one who truly understands hot, male-to-male gay sex, and the passion and emotion that goes with it.

no one gets hurt, no one gets taken advantage of, and no one leaves disappointed.

good luck and stay well!

astrodeus said...

i think they know already your hidden desire... hehe... Pinoy men usually has good instinct so just be honest but do it one at a time... just a suggestion... good luck! xD

Jay said...

You should worry less about them avoiding you after having some sex. Instead you should be more worried about extorting money or blackmailing you after. After all, they are waiters and most of them know this game.

take extra caution lang pre. ika nga..calculated risk.

Anonymous said...

una,,ginawa mo naman na super stupid ang mga yan,ehehe,,natural,,halata kana nila,,noh!.malay mo meron ding discreet sa mga yan naaamoy kana din nila,,hayy,,,ang gay kilala kung sino kalahi nila,whahaha,,hindi makakalusot ang bakla sa bakla,,san kamang magatago1wahaha,,amoy nila yan,matatalino mga gays,,ok,,2nd,..bakit ang mga lalake kapag tipo nila ang isang gay,ayaw nilang mag first move dahil siguro baka pag usapan na bakla din sya?ganun?kase i have a fren na pretty gay at maayos,edukado at may values,mabuting tao tlaga,amazing gay,,kaya madali syang mahalin ng tao kahit mga ibang lahi o pinoy,kaya lang na kay GOD tlaga sya kaya ayaw nyang makipag relasyon sa mga lalake kahit ganap syang bakla,.pero ang mga guys kahit gusto na sya,hindi padin liligawan ng isang lalake ang gay,.sabagay di naman sya babae,.at yung ego ng lalake kapag natapakan gagawa ng kwento ,babaliktarin ang story na kahit di sya gusto o bet ng gay ,sasabihin nya gusto sya,,kase ang mentalidad ng tao,gay ang nauuna,,hayyy,,hirap ha!..well...