Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mr. Posh 2010

Last night, I was invited to become one of the judges of Mr. Posh 2010 at the Palwan 2 Bar in Yale st., Cubao. The event was organized by "Bi Beauties Guild", which needless to say is a group of gay and bisexual men who are into the promotion of sexy men in the queer side of sexuality. Let me share with you some photos from the bikini section of the event.


Anonymous said...

so admittedly, the contestants are gays? o sige na nga, bi's. i have to say this here lex but i really am beginning to hate that word - BI. it is the most abused word in the GLBT lingo. ang lalake pag takot na sabihin o aminin na bading siya, automatic yan, parang yes FM, ang ililabel niya sa sarili niya bi siya.

so yung mga contestants ng mr posh walang bading, puro bi. eh lahat yan puro bayarang lalake sa boytoyforhire ni paris.

and again, pagtatanungin mo sila ano ang orientation nila, sasabihin pa sayo straight sila kung makakalusot. pagna corner na, ang sagot, the most convenient answer in the gay world nowadays, bi ako in a major major way.

i wonder what others will have to say to that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lex,

I read with interest this particular blog entry you have on the Mr Posh pageant. I say with interest because I also visit the Posh and websites. I do understand that most, if not all the contestants of the pageant are your regular gays for pay from the 2 websites mentioned.

The comment made earlier by an anonymous reader gave emphasis on that word bi's or actually a shortened term for the word bisexual.

I am not a clinical psychologist so I am not a professional authority on this subject. To my best understanding, a bisexual is a person who admits to having sex with both the male and female species. In other words, you do it with either or both sexes, thus the term bisexual.

Do these guys as they profess to be bisexuals really as such? I mean, I have come to know of a few of these guys, in fact, your picture shows the guy in the middle as the indie actor from the direct to video film Pinoy Gay Kamasutra. I can swear to you of the real sexual orientation of the guy.

Most of these guys, rarely or not at all have sex with women. They cater as gays for pay to fellow gay guys who are willing to pay an amount to have discreet sex with a for hire guy. In this case, the guy happens to be very much a gay person.

They frequent the gay guys bars such as Palawan masquerading as straights or perhaps as bi's as they are won't to always say to their clients. Yet, they do not have girlfriends and instead confesses to the world that they are very much in love with their boyfriends in their facebook accounts.

Perhaps what I really want to say is that these guys are either very much confused or very much willing to play the game of deception all in the name of cash. If you want proof of what are really their orientation, just go and read the clients comments in their own forum.

By the way, I certainly hope and pray and wish to the gay gods everywhere that you are not at all like the owner of that website whom you gave the honor of being a judge in that recently held pageant. I hope you are not at all like him/her and make an arbitrary decision to make sure that my comment does not see the light of day. But I trust you. You are much educated and well bred to resort to such. Thank you very much as always for the space.

Best regards,


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