Monday, September 13, 2010

A Happy Massage Place

Here's an interesting place recommended by one of our readers, David M.

hey guys,

there is a new thai massage place in malate on adriatico near pedro faura. its name escapes me but i think it's a franchise. the decor was well done, and much nicer on the inside than it looked from the outside. it was also very clean. they had 2 male masseurs from cebu, handsome, friendly, and professional. although they lacked the intense physical intimacy of bora bora (boys of bora), they did perform a really good massage that came with a surprisingly happy ending. ;-) happy kneading!


Hi David M.,

Thanks for this new tip. I'm very curious to try this place.



Anonymous said...

bitin naman ang sharing mo ng spa information. ganun ba kadali makalimutan ang pangalan ng spa na pinuntahan? taka lang. wag pikon.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha....i will let this pass. to begin with, the sender forgot the name of the establishment. funny how one can forget the place where one went, i guess this could either be nuat thai or phaen boran?

second, the directions is pretty much confusing too. now, is it adriatico near pedro gil or adriatico near padre faura?

don't get me wrong ha. am not being bitchy. just to put a light joke on the matter.

Anonymous said...

Napuntahan ko ngayon lang siguro mga 30 minutes na ang nakakaraan

and IM NOT Psychologist ,

Gamitin lang lohika sa paghahanap

Anonymous said...

medyo umikot din ang paningin ko dun sa entry - pedro gil ba o padre faura? hehehe

let's give it to the "letter sender". overwhelmed lang siguro ng mga nangyari sa loob ng spa at resulta ay sandaling amnesia.

wait lang tayo ng konti; tingin ko reresbak iyan at bitbit na ang kumpletong detalye lolz.

david m. said...

hey guys,

sorry for the mix-up but i was a tourist and it was my first time in manila.

a very nice looking young man handed me a flyer as i walked out of the restaurant at the lotus garden hotel on mabini heading towards roxas blvd. maybe it was del pilar and pedro faura.

the place was new and the sign looked commercial with "thai massage" on it. i remember the owner, an older chinese filipino gentleman, telling me that it was a franchise and the 2 male masseurs had been sent in from another branch in cebu.

this was a legit place with real massage but because the rooms are private, i guess one can get lucky.

good hunting!

Anonymous said...

hey david m, thanks for the addendum but sorry, you still got the whole thing mixed up. to my best recollection of the area, there is no del pilar nor pedro faura in the malate/ermita district of manila.

the best way to make this recommendation easy for everybody? to my mind would be to give the name of the establishment. at the very least, one can ask around, right?

it would be downright funny, if not silly to be going around the place asking for a spa that looks like a thai inspired one and whose therapists are imported from cebu, right?

and to the anonymous guy who said he found the place? nakita mo na pala, mukhang pati ikaw nalimutan mo ang pangalan. you were not helpful na nga, you wanted to sound funny pa. unfortunately, you did not pass the screen test.

by the way, lex, i am not going to lie to you. yes, i am bitchy on this comment. and i think i have good reasons to be.

david m. said...

dear bitchy anonymous,

you made your point and it is well taken, thank you.

check out the vicinity of MH Del Pilar Street and Padre Faura, in Malate Ermita.

if you see the Chowking on Mabini and Padre Faura, you are very close.

the sign is clearly posted and says 'thai massage."

cute male masseurs outside handing out flyers and speaking with cebuano accents.

shouldn't be too hard to find; it's a thai massage place, not a money changer.

if you find it, post the name and when i return to manila in dec, i'll be happy to treat you to a full hour, tip included!

now be nice.

Anonymous said...

dear david m, let me clear one thing. i am not being bitchy towards you. i understood your predicament. i was just making a side (albeit, bitchy one)comment to the other anonymous comment sender who said that he has found the place but still did not give out the name.

to be perfectly honest, i am not running after finding where the place is. i liked the way you shared with us your story. i found it at the very least entertaining. i just deemed it was necessary to be a little haughty to the other guy. as you see, in the local bading vernacular, it was obvious that the guy was just, as they say, nagmamaganda.

oh and just to conclude, thank you for the offer. that was sweet of you. now back to regular programming.

Anonymous said...

How much massage and how much usually tip? Tnx

Anonymous said...

mag away ba mga bekis kalorka!!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. Hmm I was at Chowking which is at the near corner of Padre Faura and M.H. del Pilar (Lotus Garden Hotel is at the corner). I walked along Padre Faura going towards Roxas blvd and did not see any spa. I walked along M.H. del Pilar towards Luneta and saw J____h spa and reflexology. I went inside and inquired if this was a branch from Cebu, the lady receptionist said that this is an initial venture. So I walked to the opposite direction of del Pilar towards the Robinson's area saw T___ of H___ds but saw two female receptionishts wearing pristine white scrubs waiting for customers. May I please be guided where this spa with "Thai Massage" is? Thank you for your help.

Jaymie said...

love massage places. i've tried hilom, boys of bora and manhunt. been looking for a spa similar to bora where massage fee is affordable and the masseurs are well trained (both sensual massage and e.s.). visit to believe!

Anonymous said...

dun po sa nag comment na mag away ba ang mga bading...gusto ko lang po iliwanag. di po ako nakikipag away. simple lang po ang gusto ko sabihin. ok, aaminin ko na medyo mataray ang naging dating. pero ganito na lang ang punto ko. may isa na nagsabi na nakita na daw niya at galing daw siya dun, mga 30 minutes na ang nakalilipas mula nung nakapunta siya at nung sinulat niya ang comment niya. pero di naman parin niya binanggit yung name ng establishment, instead, siya yung nagtaray at nagmaganda na gamitin daw natin ang lohika natin. tapos may nag post ng isa na sinubukan niya hanapin base na rin dun sa instruction ni david m. unfortunately, di pa rin nakita maski nagpaikot ikot na siya within the vicinity. i will not take it against david m because as he said he was a tourist at that time and did know the place. tapos he has left already. pero yung isa na nakita na niya, what is so difficult and so improper as to not simply say the name of the establishment? after all, nanggaling ka na di ba? so ayan, puede ba natin sabihin na yung naghanap pero di nakita ay kulang sa logic?

Anonymous said...

kay anonymous na mataray ;

ako yung nag post ng nakakita sa thai spa na ito

e di hanapin mo lechugas ka!

Clue: nakatago siya at nasa 2nd Floor siya ng isang building sa MH Del Pilar malapit nga sa Chowking Pedro Gil.

use your Logic anonymous na mataray di ka kasi naghahanap bakit ko naman bibigay sa yo ng bonggang bongang ang lugay eh ako nga naghanap din at nahirapan bago ko nakita.

Anonymous said...

eh kung di ka pala naman sira eh. bakit? laro ba itong pagsusulat nung comment sender na to? kasimpleng bagay lang, di mo pa magawa? it just proves that you are a breed of a lesser gene from among human beings. yung isa na naghanap, di nga nakita base na rin sa pag describe ni david m, nagmamaganda ka parin dyan?

come on, if you are enjoying every bit of this game you are playing, just remember that i may sound bitchy but you are definitely the most bitchy here. di kita tatantanan. akala mo ba. maski wala na to sa front page ng blog ni lex, you will still receive responses from me till you drop dead. oh and just one more thing, di ko siya hinahanap. i was just emphasizing that kung sinabi mo na lang ba yung name nung establishment in the first place, di natapos na sana ito at yung pobreng naghanap, di na sana nahirapan pa. ngayon, pinagulo mo na ang blog ni lex, nabawasan pa ng posibleng clients yung spa.

david m. said...

dearest lex,

i am so sorry for opening this can of worms. i just wanted to offer a "happy" suggestion.

normally if i like a place, i take a business card or save it in my contact list.

however, it was my last day in manila and i had been on holiday for 3 months; in fact, i had a plane to catch that evening, and i also had to meet a friend for dinner beforehand. therefore, i was a bit preoccupied.

although i don't speak tagolog, i can pick up on dialects and when i entered the place, it looked VERY similar to a thai massage place that i had visited in cebu and the 2 boys were definitely not speaking in a manila tongue. that is how my cebu conversation, with whom i assumed was the proprietor, began.

i was only playing with "bitchy" anonymous, i knew he was only kidding around although his points were valid.

also, i often multi task when posting on blogs and i do tend to ramble a bit as if i were actually having a conversation with someone. old age setting in, i guess.

as for the price, i think it was around 400 pesos for the oil massage but being an american tourist, i tend to overtip. however, neither masseur (i had a friend with me) solicited a tip while performing service.

maybe it was the j____h place because i know in my last post, i pointed you in the right direction.

and yes, my offer still stands. :-)

the journey continues...

Anonymous said...

Hi David M,

Of course, I knew that you were just joking or you only meant it as a joke and trust me, I did not take offense on it. As I have said earlier and I will repeat it again this time, I am not taking it against you. I understood perfectly well your predicament.

Yes, I will admit that I am being haughty to the other guy who if you will only but try to read between the lines, it was clear that he was the one trying to play bitchy and not me.

I had already written in private and apologized to Lex about this matter. But I did tell him that no sir, I am not letting this go. Perhaps to others, they are laughing at this already and asking why am I making such a big fuss out of nothing.

I am making a big fuss out of this because the other guy is asking for it. I quote what he said in his last comment:

ako yung nag post ng nakakita sa thai spa na ito

e di hanapin mo lechugas ka!

Clue: nakatago siya at nasa 2nd Floor siya ng isang building sa MH Del Pilar malapit nga sa Chowking Pedro Gil.

So who between us is being bitchy here? It is so sad that even if let us say, this guy has been educated from the top university here with multiple degrees under his belt, it is still quite obvious that the guy certainly lacks breeding. As a famous quote was said, you can't buy class.

I will take on your invitation the next time your around town, David M. I am sure the pleasure and honor will be mine.

Anonymous said...


To Anonymous Taray

Baka lumalala pa yan at makonsyensya pa ako

Magpa admit ka na sa :

National Center for Mental Health
Nueve de Pebrero St., Mauway
Mandaluyong City
(63 2) 531-9001
Fax: (63 2) 531-8682


I research na for you ganyan ako ka concern sa yo.

Anonymous said...

Please let us focus on being helpful and polite. I posted the message that I only saw two massage places J_____h and T____h of H____ds. May I be clarified what the name of the spa is? thank you

Anonymous said...

kung gusto mo sabay pa tayo. just say when and where, susunduin pa kita. to borrow mike enriquez own words, di kita tatantanan.

you know you are wrong but you have no balls to admit it, baka kaya kasi operada ka na? in that case, you are forgiven for acting without balls, you are a eunuch.

if you can't see the point of what i am trying to raise, i suggest that you go back to kindergarten. baka dun, maturuan ka ng konting values.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous who is requesting us to be helpful and polite, it is precisely po my point on why i am still ranting about this. hindi po dahil sa feel ko lang makipag away. ang point ko, may isa sa mga readers ni lex dito and i presumed,isang kapatid din na tulad natin na nagsabi na napuntahan na niya yung lugar.

di ba, tama naman ako na ayun naman pala, nakita mo na, napuntahan mo na, ano ba yung sabihin mo na kung ano ang name nung establishment, di po ba? napakahirap bang gawin nun? dapat pa ba na ipagdamot niya yun at sabihan tayo na gamitin ang logic natin para makita yung lugar?

up to the last post niya, nagtataray parin siya at hinamon pako na magpatingin sa NCMH. di kaya siya ang dapat na magpa check up dun? i understand that i may be raising this issue too much already but then eto uli na may isang reader na nakikiusap maging polite at helpful tayo. is that too much to ask?

Anonymous said...

sa mataray na bading:

di ka siguro taga manila. maliit lang ang Faura, beside nabanggit din yung Lotus Hotel, e di along vicinity lang yun...bitchy na tanga gamitin daw ang class, letsugas ka nga!!!

at least alam mo yung Mandaluyong..hahaa

Anonymous said...

say what you want to say pero maski di mo aaminin, alam mo na talo ka na. alam mo, why don't you just admit it, nagmaganda ka lang and it went awry. there is really after all, grace in accepting defeat. said...

Para di na po kayo mag-away eto po yung hinahanap nyo sa di pa nakakaalam:

Nuat Thai Foot and Body Massage

2nd Flr 888 Bldg. 1313 M.H. Del Pilar St.,
Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila

From Robinson's Padre Faura Site you will see chowking on the right side then mercury drugstore keep straight then left on the next corner.. you will see the small signage on your right again.. it is located at the 2nd floor..

been there 3x... its a feel good massage for a cheap price... try it and chilax to all!!

Anonymous said...

bleu, thank you for posting the address and the direction to the place. di ba hindi naman mahirap gawin yun? kasimple simpleng bagay na gagawin, pinahirapan pa tayo kasi. kung ako rin lang mismo ang nakaalam at nakapunta dun, nabigay ko narin ang information na yan. wala nang pa lohika lohika pang nalalaman na dapat mong angkinin. hehe.

Anonymous said...

i tried it a few days ago. walang ES pero talagang suggestive ang strokes he he

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the name and address of the spa. Will check it out.

Anonymous said...

i went there awhile ago and it was good. no es but the strokes were very sensual, touching my sensitive parts. it's cheaper from 12 noon till 5pm. the place is good, try it.

Anonymous said...

I tried it after christmas.. wholesome place.. male and female therapist...good massage for relaxation.. do not expect for e.s.

Anonymous said...

not worth naman pala, walang e.s. nag-aaway pa kayo. MASAGANANG BAGUNG TAUN, IBRI 1

LP Boy said...

may bagong spa sa Las Pinas.. Bamboo City Spa.. may nkapagtry na ba dun?.. okay ba? with happy Ending? how about ung SUWARU spa sa Las Pinas din.

Anonymous said...

Hi David M.
I'm mr.Cohen the franchise owner of Nuat Thai Ermita branch located at 2/F, Lucky 888 bldg. M.H.del Pilar near cor. Padre Faura. Am glad to know that you enjoyed the massage so as a token of appreciation I will give you a special discount on your next visit at our place.

Indeed, you will be surprised soon as you get inside our massage area which I designed personally. and to all readers I invite you sincerely to visit my spa whenever you happen to be within the vicinity, as we are also near Robinsons Ermita, Manila. -Shalom-