Thursday, September 9, 2010

Raving for Raffy

Hi Lex,

I just visited Boys of Bora a few hours ago and tried Raffy. You're absolutely right! It was indeed a mind blowing experience. Actually, I mentioned you to him and he knows you quite well. Hindi siya photogenic pero up close, ang gwapo at ang amo ng mukha. Very hunky too. Thanks Lex!

By the way, any other must-try masseurs from the different establishments around the Metro? I'm fond of the Raffy-types.




Hi Bon,

Thanks for trusting my recommendation. Admittedly, I am also fond of the "Raffy-types" that's why I am usually not attracted to the "actor" looking type.

In case there's another masserur who will be worth my recommendation, I will feature him in this blog as well.

Thanks, too.


PS You may schedule him by calling the Boys of Bora at +63924330158


astrodeus said...

It's been more than a year since my bad experience at BOBS but hearing this good review about this masseur makes me reconsider to check the place again... Thanks! ;-)

david m. said...

hey guys,

there is a new thai massage place in malate on adriatico near pedro faura. its name escapes me but i think it's a franchise. the decor was well done, and much nicer on the inside than it looked from the outside. it was also very clean.

they had 2 male masseurs from cebu, handsome, friendly, and professional. although they lacked the intense physical intimacy of bora bora, they did perform a really good massage that came with a surprisingly happy ending. ;-)

happy kneading!

king said...

the best si raffy! i tried him last week and sobrang satisfied ako sa kamasutra massage and ES nya. he drilled my mancunt so hard na parang wala ng bukas. sobrang sorap nung nagpalabas sya, cum spurted to my face. isa pa hindi sya demanding sa tip. i asked him magkano, he just offered 500 bsta ifufuck nya ako. ako naman go ako nalibugan din cguro si raffy sa looks kaya ayun. binigyan ko sya 700 since nasatisfy ako sa service nya. babalik at babalik ako sa BOB at kay raffy ulit ako.

Anonymous said...

Wow King, you paid only 700? Hmm, I think I've been paying them a lot at 1000! The attendance that I got did not give an amount (kudos to him) but I gave that amount because that I thought was the normal price for all massage spas.

Anonymous said...

hehehee...bka hindi na makita pa nila si raid na kasi ang boys of bora bka pinasara na ng quezon city permit section....

too sad for its patrons....

Anonymous said...

Hi Lex, I'm new here in fact this is my first time ever to read this blog and it's so addicting. I've been hooked up to this blog for 5 straight hours now.I must admit I discovered so late na when in fact you started this more than a year ago. I'm enjoying a lot. This is tastefully done and you really are a intelligent person and a good writer. I think a need to meet you personally and talk to you if it's okey with you since I know your quiet busy. More power to you and keep on writing...mwah!

zobova said...

Hi Lex, who's the guy on the pic? Is he a masseur? He's so hot kasi.

Anonymous said...

How can i contact raffy? The mobile number posted here says they nolonger have his contact. anyone can help me please and try him as well. email me at


Anonymous said...

Im raffy's regular client... And i really can vouch for the quality of his service. However, i lost contact after the raid. I would surely want to re establish contact with him... I hope you can help me, lex.

Anonymous said...

does anybody know where RAFFY is now? contact numbers? etc. post comments naman pls