Friday, August 7, 2009

As Mario Says

Mario Bautista is the film critic who wrote against the exhibition of uncut gay films in UP. And after releasing his article, the MTRCB has put a stop on all gay film at the UP Cine Adarna.

And we were all surprised that the same critic actually wrote favorably about "Little Boy/ Big Boy". Here is what he wrote in his column in Malaya and People's Journal:

"WE'VE seen a lot of gay themed films about teen boys and their first loves ("Maximo Oliveros", "Dose")oppressed masseurs ("Masahista", "Heavenly Touch"), etc. but "Little Boy, Big Boy" is very different from past gay flicks, even from the previous films of its director, Jay Altarejos, known for such pink films as "Lalaki sa Parola", "Antonio" and "Kambyo"..."

"The movie is different from most gay flicks as it changes the usual portrayal of gays on screen as swishy faggots. The gay men here are both straight acting, the kind who are buff and called macho gays. Paolo Rivero is the busiest actor today in gay flicks. His performance here is better than in any of his past ones like "Daybreak" and "Heavenly Touch" (where he's an out and out gay). He's complimented by Douglas Robinson as the more sensitive Tim with his very expressive pair of eyes, even if his Visayan accent often gets on the way of his delivering a more effective portrayal. Gay viewers won't be disappointed as they're featured in two hot love scenes."

"But the most splendid performance actually comes from Renz Valerio as the little boy who really looks so pure and innocent, a primary requirement of the role that he superbly fulfills, despite the fact that he has a slutty mom who flirts from one boyfriend to another. He's a natural in all his scenes. Sophia Baars, Ruffa Gutierrez's precocious daughter in "Desperadas 1 and 2", also does well as Jill."

"Little Boy, Big Boy" is now showing in Robinsons Galleria, Ermita, Novaliches, Bacolod, Iloilo and Cinema, Cebu.

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line of flight said...

I can't believe the copy editors at Malaya and People's Journal allowed "faggots" to be printed at all and without quotation marks in the minimum. the University of Hawai'i head football coach was just suspended for 30 days for saying that word (even with a tearful apology the next day).