Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More "Sex Between Men"

According to the Department of Health (Philippines), the the MSM (Men Who Have Sex with Men) population is now a significant contributor to the HIV-AIDS epidemic in the country.

Dr. Eric Tayag, director of the DOH’s National Epidemiology Center, said they observed an increase of MSM among people infected with HIV. “MSM is becoming a sexual norm. This is contributing to the increase of HIV/AIDS and this is not merely about gays. This is about men who have sex with men,” he said in a health forum organized by the Philippine College of Physicians.

The DOH had registered 432 HIV/AIDS cases from January to July 2009. Seventy of the cases were recorded in July with “bisexual contact as the most predominant type of sexual transmission.”

Tayag said that MSM used to be “hidden” and was known to circulate in clandestine places like rundown movie houses.


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line of flight said...

"is becoming a norm" lovely! now we just need to get condoms more readily available so that they too can become the norm.