Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sanctum: A Boy's Bar

Hi Lex,

I'm just curious. In the credits of Little Boy Big Boy, I saw "Sanctum" as one of the people/orgs that the producers of the movie would like to thank. Do you have any idea what this is?



Hi Vince,

I'm glad you asked about "Sanctum". It was me who's personally thanking the former bar "Sanctum".

If you recall the orgy scene in the film, that scene was inspired by a regular event that happens in Sanctum, an exclusive male bar in Cubao.

Now, the sad thing is, Sanctum has been raided and ordered closed by the NBI courtesy of GMA's "Imbestigador". The kind owner, Dennis and his assitant King is still at the city jail.

Sanctum was born out of a private orgy group called "Manjobs". The group was quite successul that they decided to stop renting hotel rooms and instead open their own bar exclusive to adult gay males in Cubao.

The next movie of Joselito Altarejos "Ang Laro ni Juan" (formerly titled: Sabong), which I co-wrote is inspired by the raid that was launched against Sanctum. Acording to my research of actual gay victims, they experienced harassment and extorsion from government operatives.

In a few days, we are about to start shooting "Ang Laro ni Juan".

Thanks for reading Lexuality.


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Vince said...

Lex, thanks for responding to my question. I actually know quite a bit about Sanctum (having been there before), the raid, and its Manjobs history.

I was just surprised that Sanctum was mentioned in the credits of the movie and I thought that Sanctum reopened again or something, which prompted me to blog about it.

Thanks for confirming!