Friday, August 28, 2009

Live Show Tonight

Tonight, we are shooting the "torohan" (live sex show) scene of Joselito Altarejos' new film "Ang Laro ni Juan". We rehearsed the scene last night and the four actors gamely bared everything for their performance. But the question is, will they be able to do it in front of several gay men and get it hard on cue?

Ill be posting more on this shoot in the next few days.


line of flight said...

Like they say with all cock fighting, its not how big the cock is but how well it can stand the fight.

Secret Celeb said...

I want to be a bit playah!!! I want GRATIS!

schizogeri2001 said...

i have a feeling that MTRCB's gonna butcher this again. I wish they don't do that especially the Dvd releases.

Alex said...

I know this is a stupid question in a sense that we all know the answer. Just the same, I want to raise the question to you since you are directly involved in film making.

Lex, why do directors or movie writers such as yourself continue to make films where there are scenes that you know well enough will not pass the MTRCB's nod of approval?

Here you are again, mentioning to your readers that there is yet (again) another pink film being done complete with all the pageantry of being able to see deliciously hunky men in all their naked glory only to be disappointed because the scenes had been deleted by the censors board.

As I have said, we all know the answers already. And believe me, I do understand since I myself am a pure bred corporate guy in charge of business development. So I know what promotions really is all about and what it can do so the product/service will make money for the owners, or in this case, for the producers.

However, in your case, since we also know that you are honestly advocating for the rights of gay men in general, and pink films in particular, I would still like to believe that you continue to write and help gay film makers because it is the right thing to do despite what seems to be the obvious, albeit, the subtleness of approach.

Once more, thank you for the space.

Best regards,


line of flight said...

@alex: i can't speak for lex, but consider the broader question. how many times does one see gay sex scenes before one gets desensitized to it. a little more approved in every movie is a little more the next one can build upon. resistance is not futile.