Wednesday, August 19, 2009


hello lex,

i'm kenneth, tanong ko lang, where can i buy the uncut version of sagwan? nakabili ako kanina sa quiapo, pero cut version yung nabili ko.
thanks and have a good day.



Hi Ken,

Thanks for the message. Unfortunately, uncut versions of films are not commercially available. Unless if the film has a different international version, then most probably you can purchase that version from the country it has been released in (just like Serbis).

Also, I have lost my personal uncut version of Sagwan. Too bad.



YoungboyatBigCity said...

Hi lex
Just wondering is Pinoy Gay Kamasutra out already in the stores? thanks hope you would gat back at me

Dhon said...

Sayang naman!
was this the movie shot in cebu? in Olango island? i live in Mactan.. and olango is just like a 15 minute boat ride! :)

baton said...

Hi Lex,

Aside from Serbis, what other filipino indie films have international uncut versions? Likewise, what other uncut versions do you have in your collection? Are these for sale? Just wondering as am an avid collector of these films. Thanks for all the help.

Teppe! said...

well that's just too bad! I hope the outfit would manage to get an intl distributor because the MTRCB suck major ass (no pun intended)!

PS: and yes, when will Pinoy Gay Kamasutra be released? It's been too long!