Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pervert on the Set

New Actor, Ace Ricafort in Joselito Altarejos' new film

We just finished shooting the latest work of filmmaker Joselito Altarejos. This film with a working title of "Ang Laro ni Juan" is about the life of Jason, a live sex show performer and is loosley based on the raid that was launched against the former exclusive male bar, "Sanctum" in Cubao.

And here's the news. Actors were sexually harassed on the set! yes. you read it right. the actors experienced harassment not from the filmmaker, not from me (a co-witer in the film) or the producer but from one of the bit players we had in the film.

One of the highlights of the film was a live sex show. And I invited several of my gay friends to act as the audience. One of my college classmates brought along with him a former office mate who was introduced to me as a fan of our films. So I gladly accepted him on the set.

This guy, named "Anthony", a young looking and lanky guy, you'll probably see him on the film, according to some of the actors has started touching their nipples and crotches when we were shooting the raid scene. In this scene, all the bit players and the actors were all forced to board a jeepney as they were all apprehended by the NBI. Because, the jeep was so crowded, Anthony's hands comveniently found his way on the private parts of the actors.

According to another report from one of the actors, he saw Anthony sneak inside the dressing room when all the actors were all naked preparing for the live sex scene. He was reported to be masturbating in one corner.

And the climax of his perversion came when during the shoot of one scene, he grasped the naked butt of one of the actors in the film. The actor violently reacted and was about to hit him on the face but he was pacified by the other actors.

The pervert disappeared after the scene.


Anonymous said...

Shame on him!

line of flight said...

wow. how come he didn't get thrown off the set?

inday said...

you are quite the gossip girl. sexual harassment? oh please! what did you expect when you shot a candid scene like that and papered the audience with your friends. perhaps if you had used paid extras, you could have better screened and instructed them. as for the poor actor who had his ass grabbed while in the buff: so what? that kind of b.s. goes on all the time in real strip joints. the prima donna actor should have said "cut it out!" and moved on. end of problem. not that the "pervert's" behavior was okay but... you are too much.

Yeoz said...

Grabe naman... di niya kayang kontrolin ang sarili niya. Nakakatakot naman. Kung kaya niyang magawa yan sa set ng isang pelikula na isang controlled environment... ano na lang kaya ang kayang gawin niya sa labas.

Anonymous said...

perhaps the pervert tendency of that person has been obviously continuously being fed by the perversion that has been going on around him

Mark said...

hehehe... parang iba ang tono ni inday, parang may hinanakit... may sama ng loob.

nj said...

Tama si Inday. The director and producers should have protected their talents by bringing in people who have been properly screened. The parameters of all activities of persons involved should have been properly defined and understood by everybody in the set; unless of course if somebody there had the intention of "selling" their talents and their services to "right persons," which is altogether a diffirent story. Mark, you do not have to denigrate Inday's opinion. Movies dealing with whatever theme, like any other art form, should strictly be conducted professionally. Otherwise, such kinds of movies boil down to crass pornography.