Monday, August 17, 2009

Missing Manila's Gay Life

Hi, Lex,

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I have just seen your site when looking to see how the Manila scene is now that I've left.

I thought it is very interesting and much easier to read than many others in Tagalog (which I never mastered!).

Good luck with your site and good health to you. May you live long and prosper!




Hi Nicholas,

Thank you for the message. May you also live longer and prosper so we could live our gay lives to the fullest.




burning faggot said...


line of flight said...

Is Nicholas a Vulcan?

KAMOTE_AKO said...

So your the writer of the film Ang Lihim ni Antonio. I saw that movie in PBO 2 weeks ago and I was like shocked of how that movie ended.

Tragic ending,Curious to watch your other movie "Ang lalake sa Parola.."

Good luck!!