Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Abusive Gays"

In another assault to the fight of gay men for equal rights in Philippine society, columnist Ramon Tulfo, in November 19, 2009 issue of Philippine Daily Inquirer writes that the Commission on Election (COMELEC) is "right about rejecting the application of the group, Ang Ladlad", ang LGBT organization to become a party list group.

With all his bigotry, he states that gays and lesbians should "not go around town proclaiming their preferences as if it was a badge of honor. There is nothing honorable or normal about same sex mariage or union". He adds that "gays and lesbians should not abuse society's doting attitude towards them."

In these words, Mr. Tulfo sumarizes the "macho-centric" ideology that governs the lives of Filipino LGBT.

And this means for my gay brothers and lesbian sisters, our fight is still on.


Anonymous said...

galit sya sa bakla, maybe he is a full pledged bakla!!!!

Snakey's Confessions said...

What gives a man his freedom to be what he is in our society? What requirements must he have, to be able to function as a member of our democracy? And how can he/she be sure that he/she has somebody looking out for his/her welfare; that somebody out there has his/her interest in mind simply because they share the same way of life? And who has the right to curtail these individuals of a chance of being represented in a country that still does not truly understand what we are all going through?

In Philippine society, members of the third sex has always been an easy target of criticism. Only in recent years has there been a little understanding on our existence, a sort of acceptance that we exist and thrive. But still, no "straight" person has really delved deep into what we need and what we all fight hard for. Yes, we cannot claim that everyone else has accepted that we are neither a population of sick people, a mutation of what they call "normal".

But what is really normal? The hypocrisy of the so called religious? The "sacred" bond of man and wife that ends in domestic violence? The sanctity of a "straight" marriage that often ends with adultery and covetousness; and a sense of loss not only for one or both couple but heartache for the children as well. What is so MORAL with this scenario? It would be right to say that these things happen with same sex couples more often than not but thats just it, we were not given the chance to be able to make our own faults.

We, the Filipino members of the LGTs have been absently represented in society. Let me rephrase that, there are "closet" members of our community in the government seats and in all groups. But there has been never a formal representation of our causes and ideals. Some say that these are but "immoral" lifestyles and demands and that we should desist in our aim to be heard but how could anybody understand when even a chance at a voice has been curtailed by the COMELEC.

The LADLAD was our one and only chance to finally realize that we are free members of this country. A country that we have helped in countless ways with our talents, our intellect and our unending drive to sow love and understanding. But to what extent? Shall we forever remain as a "closet" voice and not recognized as a driving force in society? What is so "immoral" in our wish to be heard and to contribute better in the growth of a country that we equally love like all the rest of you?

My frustration stems out not only to the declaration of our voice null and void. This is not aimed only at the COMELEC but to the people who call themselves christians yet, refuse to understand. To the journalists (On Target, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Nov. 19, 2009) that continue to crucify us even when we have lossed the initial step. And to those of you who rejoice in the tape that was stapled to our lips and the bonds that were tied to our gentle hands.

We are who we are, we never chose nor asked to be who we are but never the less we are proud of what we have become. We do not dwell on the mundane and are generally simple people but we are human beings as well. We will eventually learn to fight back if we are pushed endlessly to the corner. We are certainly out of the closet but you still continue to push us inside the confines with the cobwebs of anonymity.

To my brothers and sisters, let us not be silent and stand up to what is truly our rights. We are but a portion of the society but hand and hand we can all do this together.

So I end this simple write up with more questions: What can we do to be heard? What can we do to help each other in our quest of equality? Who gives them the right to call us immoral in a community that has been striving in "immorality" from the "normalcy" of it all? Who give them the freedom to hurt us and stop us in our quest to plant the seeds of love, friendship, and service to all when all that we ask is for them to give us a chance to open our arms shower them with all the colors of the rainbow.

Don't cry my friends, someday we will be heard!

david said...

sadly, your frustrations are shared by glbt's all over the world.

in my experience, people like mr. tulfo and mr. beltran seldom come around. if and when they do, it is usually in their old age when just getting up in the morning becomes their priority. therefore, your focus might better be centered on educating the youth, your country's future leaders.

the time to be heard is now. make your presence known. get out of that closet! your strength is in your numbers. only support candidates who lobby for anti discrimination in the workplace.

finally, put away your catholic upbringing and don't drop another peso in the church's plate. you might also take a hard look at birth control. its all related.

Gud lak sa 'yo.

bunwich said...

I pity him... Mr. Tulfo, time will come we all gonna die... and you being the "tough guy" you claim, has nothing to do with how the gates will be opened for us.

But yeah, I may not see you there though... Kiss Hell's Ass for me, would you?!

Anonymous said...

he can go to hell!!

Anonymous said...

nobody takes mr tulfo seriously, so what are you worried about? he is not even a politician to make things happen.

Anonymous said...

anong gusto ni tulfo??tagong bakla,..siguro sya closet gay o kaya may tagong relasyon sa bakla..pwedi ba!!grow up ,.tulfo,...ang mga kagaya mo na close minded na tao ang di nakakatulong s abansa,..hangat wla namang ginagawang masama ang tao o isang gay,.ok na din sa kanila ang gaya ng gingawa ng isangb lalake o babae,..pakikipag relasyon o sex,...lumang isyu na ang ganito, country ang pinas,..may freedom,..isa ka lang tulfo....hehe